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Construction 2023

Construction Milestones

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Construction Milestones
Construction Milestones

Video: Construction Milestones

Video: Construction Milestones
Video: Milestones in Construction Contracts 2023, June

The developments for

  • Topology optimization, the computer-based calculation of favorable basic shapes (topologies) of components under load, and for
  • Generative design, in which software, by combining the input parameters, calculates all possible design variants and thus generates a number of design alternatives in the shortest possible time.

These developments impressively show what is possible if humans and computers combine their skills.

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Development of hardware for CAx applications

The development of the hardware for the CAD user is also exciting - from the first 3D mouse from 1993 to the first workstation for a wide range of users, which Dell introduced in 1997, to high-performance computing, which is now available to companies of all sizes Available. Without this advance in hardware, many developments in the area of CAE would have been impossible.

Generative design

Electric Bulli from VW - lighter and more economical thanks to generative design


Simulation increases process reliability in metal 3D printing

Topology optimization

The right design of constructions


With fast computers to fast cars

3D printing

Workstations master enormous amounts of data when 3D printing a bridge

CAD workstation

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