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Specialists For Smooth Processes: Only Dosed With Lubrication Is Well Lubricated

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Specialists For Smooth Processes: Only Dosed With Lubrication Is Well Lubricated
Specialists For Smooth Processes: Only Dosed With Lubrication Is Well Lubricated

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Only those who lubricate well drive well. The old rule of thumb from road traffic applies to almost every type of production process. Neither high-tech coatings nor innovative material combinations have so far been able to replace the good old lubricant, although the type of application has changed significantly. A generous ration from the grease gun, true to the motto "A lot helps a lot" no longer meets today's requirements for cleanliness and process reliability. In addition, lubricants are also a cost factor and should therefore be used as efficiently as possible. Therefore, the following applies: only dosed lubrication is well lubricated.

Wherever it is important to have production processes run as smoothly as possible, the specialists at Abnox AG in Switzerland can put their expertise to the test. The company from Cham in the canton of Zug has developed in 70 years from a small handicraft business to one of the world's leading providers of products and services in lubrication, dosing and clamping technology. The owner-managed family company is consistently based on clear basic values: quality, precision, ingenuity and service add up to the most important corporate goal, customer benefit. "For us it is not a matter of simply selling metering pumps or grease guns," says Matthias Iseli, who took over the management from his father Werner Iseli in summer 2011. "We have the ambitionto develop the individual solution for each customer that gives them the greatest possible advantage."

Modules for lubrication and metering

Abnox manufactures high-quality pumps and valves for conveying, dosing and applying lubricants, grease guns, high-pressure pumps and valves, as well as grease nipples and sight glasses and develops dosing systems (greasing application systems) and clamping systems. The product range is modular like a modular system, so that depending on the task profile, the corresponding components can be put together or added as requirements grow. And if the right puzzle piece is missing for a very special customer request, it is developed in our in-house engineering department.

The company is a sought-after partner in areas such as vehicle construction and transportation, mechanical engineering and metal processing, medical and communication technology, the electronics industry, furniture and household appliance manufacturing, and house and building technology.

The fact that Abnox is now synonymous with quality and cutting-edge technology is not only due to the proverbial Swiss thoroughness and extensive experience from many different industries, but also due to the company-specific approach to never isolate the topic of lubrication and metering, but always as part of the entire production process consider. "It always depends on the best possible overall result," emphasizes Managing Director Matthias Iseli. That is why Abnox products do not shine with spectacular top values ​​in a small area, but offer maximum performance across the entire range of requirements. And that's why the Abnox engineers constantly question proven and seemingly mature constructions and work on further improvements.

New drum pumps with improved performance data

The progress is then reflected in the details, such as the new drum pump generation that came onto the market last year. "Nothing has changed in the basic principle of the barrel pump for decades," says Matthias Iseli, "but we were able to significantly improve the performance, economy and reliability of the AXFP series by making minor changes to many small adjustment screws."

Another reason for Abnox's strong market position in the highly specialized field of lubrication and metering technology is the strong service mindset. "We never leave the customer alone with our product, but take care until everything literally works smoothly", Managing Director Matthias Iseli outlines the way of working. Uncompromising quality efforts also apply in the service area. That is why Abnox products are only available worldwide in those countries where service partners have been found who work to the same high standards. (ud)

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