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Safe Drive Solutions For Assembly And Handling Technology

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Safe Drive Solutions For Assembly And Handling Technology
Safe Drive Solutions For Assembly And Handling Technology

Video: Safe Drive Solutions For Assembly And Handling Technology

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Video: Motek 2017: Compact control and drive solutions for assembly and handling technology 2023, February

Pilz introduces two new products from the field of motion control systems, which are now equipped with a 1.3 GHz Intel Atom processor and thus offer more performance: The new motion control system PMC-Primo MC is an open, external control system to the previous one drive-integrated control system PMC-Primo C and now also has more power. With PMC-Primo C, the motion control card can simply be inserted into the PMC-Protego D servo amplifier. Together with the PMC-Protego S security card, a safe and compact drive solution is created.

Open and efficient for more productivity

The motion control systems can now be used in a variety of other applications. Complete applications in all drive environments such as pick and place applications, which consist of the control functions of a PLC and the motion control functions, can be implemented. The increased performance also means that higher cycle numbers can be achieved. This increases productivity.

PMC is open, an interface for Profinet is also available. If the application is to be safe, the user can also add Safe Motion functions to the PMC-Protego D servo amplifier with the PMC-Protego S safety card.

Visitors to the international trade fair for production and assembly automation can experience the safe interaction of sensors, control and drive technology for themselves by competing against the "automated Pilz Elf": Perfect moves from sensors, control and drive technology as well as visualization can be done with it Try out automated Pilz table soccer equipment equipped with Pilz products.

Services for safe drive

The range of tailor-made services is also part of the trade fair appearance. Pilz services, now also specifically for the drive area, ensure maximum availability and plant safety and complement the Pilz product portfolio - starting with the risk assessment and the safety concept up to the CE marking. (jv)

Motek 2016: Hall 8, Stand 8410

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