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Feeder With Currently The Fastest Integrated 3D Bin Picking

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Feeder With Currently The Fastest Integrated 3D Bin Picking
Feeder With Currently The Fastest Integrated 3D Bin Picking

The new HSR series from Denso Robotics, which will be presented at the booth with a robot model, lives up to its name and comprises three models; the four-axis SCARA robots will make automated applications such as pick-and-place even more reliable and therefore more efficient in the future. Because the new series - based on a further development of the HS series from Denso Robotics - can implement a high number of cycles per minute: continuous, uncomplicated and reliable.

Permanently optimal speed

The goal: The robot should react promptly in industrial applications, work permanently at optimal speed and complete a work process - this series should set new standards for these common tasks of compact robots. The models also offer a large arm reach (480 mm to 650 mm) and a load capacity of up to 8 kg.

A real highlight of the trade fair is a premiere that shows the next step towards marketable 3D bin picking: For the first time, 3D bin picking, which is even faster thanks to Enshape sensor technology, is being combined with the already proven eyefeeder feeding system. The 3D Bin Picking presented is currently the fastest system of its kind shown at a trade fair - it has a cycle time of 1.6 to 2 s. New to this 3D bin picking is the camera from Enshape, a company from Jena, which contributes the very fast and precise 3D sensors to the system. It consists of a Denso robot from the VS series, the Enshape sensor system and a PC. The system is so powerful that it initiates the next phase for reliable, fast 3D bin picking for small robots.

Specially developed software

In contrast to the conventional image processing system, asymmetrical workpieces are also recognized here or those that are unordered (eg in a box). They can now be recognized, selected and gripped in the right place in the interaction of powerful image processing and robot control. To ensure excellent measurement results, the image processing runs on an external high-performance PC. The specially developed software detector is used to implement the 3D bin picking application. The data exchange between the robot and the sensor runs via Ethernet, the robot is programmed in Denso's own programming language Pac-Script.

This system is now being combined with the Eyefeeder for the first time. The feeding system will feed asymmetrically shaped work parts to the robot, which, thanks to the EnShape sensor technology, can select, pick up and place the desired parts in a 3D bin picking process. This means that for the first time the Eyefeeder system can also process objects that are difficult to identify visually - this not only increases the range of possible uses, but the system also offers more efficiency. since the cumbersome information process between camera system and robot / controller is eliminated.

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