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Focus On Safe Robotics And Smart Factories

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Focus On Safe Robotics And Smart Factories
Focus On Safe Robotics And Smart Factories

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Video: How Robots Can Assist - Not Replace - Humans In Factories 2023, February

The modular construction of plants is a key to flexible and networked production in the sense of Industry 4.0. With the Smart Factory demonstrator completely automated with Pilz solutions, Pilz in Nuremberg shows how individualized products can be manufactured quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively. The modular production line illustrates the communication of distributed automation systems in interaction with actuators and sensors. The Industry 4.0-compatible automation system PSS 4000 coordinates the workflow of all networked components - security and automation from engineering to visualization.

Humans and robots work hand in hand

At the Pilz booth, visitors can experience how humans and robots can work together safely without protective devices. On display is an industry-typical robot application that is secured with Pilz products based on the principle of power and force limitation and has been CE certified by Pilz. It enables actual collaboration between humans and machines. At the trade fair, the experts explain the necessary steps up to CE marking. The new collision measuring device PROBmdf plays a central role. It measures the forces acting on the human body in the event of a collision with the robot. The collision measurement is part of Pilz's complete range of services for validation in accordance with the new HRC standard ISO / TS 15066.

In addition to the topic of HRC, the focus of the trade fair presence is on energy management: Pilz provides practical support for companies with the introduction of systematic energy management through to certification according to ISO 50001. Pilz experts demonstrate energy efficiency potential and help to increase competitiveness. With certified energy management, companies make a valuable contribution to environmental and climate protection.

Innovations in sensors, control and actuators

In Nuremberg, Pilz shows a number of new products from the fields of sensor, control and drive technology and the appropriate diagnostic and visualization systems as well as software. Also new are the PSENopt II light grids, which allow safe intervention in the production process and, depending on requirements, finger and hand protection. In addition to the previously introduced type 3 light curtain, PSENopt II is now also available as a type 4 variant. Applications up to PL e according to IEC / EN 61496-1 / -2 are possible.

There are also the new PSENopt slim light grids. With their slim design, they can be used primarily in space-critical applications and in door systems. There, the type 2 and type 4 light barriers also meet finger and hand protection, depending on the requirements.

The coded safety switch PSENcode can now also be used in a compact design with Safety Device Diagnostics. In addition to the sensors, this consists of a fieldbus module plus distributor and offers simple and extensive diagnostics of safety devices.

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