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Range Of Pre-assembled Servo Cables Expanded

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Range Of Pre-assembled Servo Cables Expanded
Range Of Pre-assembled Servo Cables Expanded

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At the SPS IPC Drives 2016, the Lapp Group is presenting its Ölfelx Connect Servo servo assemblies, which are manufactured in a partially automated manner using a new process. The company is also showing some new products. "The need for system solutions is increasing, so we are continuing to expand our Ölflex Connect initiative," says Georg Stawowy, CEO and CTO of Lapp Holding AG. Lapp will also be presenting new, highly dynamic drag chain cables and robust sensor / actuator cables, as well as anti-static cables for the first time in the cable industry.

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New plugs for Ölflex Connect Servo

An important pillar of the Lapp Group's strategy is Ölflex Connect Servo. With these servo assemblies, cables and connectors are connected semi-automatically, which has advantages in terms of quality and shielding effect. Lapp is adding two more variants to the PLC:

  • On the drive side, there is now a connector for drives from Fanuc in accordance with the standards of Siemens, SEW and Rockwell. The Fanuc connector is first cast from two different plastics and then finally overmolded, which should enable a smaller design and higher tightness. Together with thin cables from Lapp, this results in space-saving assemblies with smaller bending radii, which should be particularly beneficial for manufacturers of compact machines. The seal for the cable is integrated so that you cannot lose it when installing it, there are no screws in the molded connector.
  • On the control side, Lapp adds a connector to the range that was specially developed by Siemens for the new generation of controllers in booksize format. Lapp wants to be the only manufacturer to offer a cost-effective alternative to Siemens plugs. Instead of screwing the wires of the cable, with Ölflex Connect Servo they are crimped onto the contacts in the connector in a partially automated manner, which creates a very durable connection, is gas-tight and thus prevents oxidation at the contact.


Bring high-quality servo assemblies to customers even faster

Customized Hitronic fiber optic assemblies

The Ölflex Connect portfolio includes copper-based assemblies and also fiber optics. For the PLC, Lapp completes the ready-to-use assembly range with Hitronic fiber optic cables for industrial and office use. Users should be able to define fiber optic section assemblies based on the Hitronic range of meter goods to suit their needs and thus save the time-consuming splicing, connection and laying technology required for glass fiber sections. The assembled section can be installed on site and then plugged directly into the system and put into operation (plug & play).

High-end industrial cable Ölflex Chain 90 P / CP

The Ölflex Chain 90 P / CP belongs to Lapp's Extended Line Performance class and is intended for users who have the highest demands when used in continuously moving drag chains. The cable with extended maintenance intervals has a highly abrasion-resistant and notch-resistant PUR outer sheath and a cold-flexible special wire insulation made of TPE. This should make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use - for example in industrial drives, but also in wind turbines or electric cars, where limited space usually requires very tight bending radii. According to Lapp, it is extremely resistant to mineral oil-based lubricants, UV and weather-resistant, halogen-free and highly flame-retardant. In addition, the drag chain cable is UL / cUL certified, i.e. approved for use in North America.The cable is available in an unshielded (P) or shielded (CP) version.

Connectors and terminal blocks

Connection technology for intelligent networking

Unitronic Robust S / A for sensor / actuator cabling

The new Unitronic Robust S / A sensor cable transmits signals from sensors and actuators. It extends the robust family from Lapp, which already includes control, Ethernet and bus cables. The robust cables are suitable for use in the food industry, but also in other areas where they are exposed to cleaning agents or bio-oils. The robust material is powerful compared to cold and hot water - here, in contrast to other materials, it has a low water absorption. The temperature range is –50 ° C to 90 ° C with fixed installation and –40 ° C to 90 ° C when moving. In particular, they are used for wet and outdoor applications.

Antistatic cables according to TRBS 2153

Antistatic cables are a novelty in the cable industry. They are designed to ensure greater safety in places where sparks can lead to disaster as a result of static charges, for example on oil drilling platforms, in refineries, but also when processing wood or flour. In order to avoid this danger, Lapp has developed a supply line with an antistatic jacket. It is already used on oil drilling platforms from the Norwegian service provider Aker Solutions. The composition and production of the jacket material are patented. It consists of a plastic with an additive that increases the conductivity. According to the company's own information, the Lapp Group is the first manufacturer worldwide to offer such antistatic cables. Lapp can supply various types of cables with this property on request. (sh)

SPS IPC Drives 2016: Hall 6, Stand 258

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