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Wiring Made Easy

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Wiring Made Easy
Wiring Made Easy

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According to the manufacturer, the highlight of Smart Wiring is its simplicity: The clear, touch-optimized user interface is suitable for use on mobile devices and is therefore always ready for use directly on the control cabinet. Just as important is the know-how, which this time is not anchored in the mind, but in the system. Step-by-step instructions for the wiring make the process child's play. Crucial: A circuit diagram is not necessary for the wiring.

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Visualizes connections and routing

Eplan Smart Wiring visualizes the assembly structure, equipment, connections and routing, for example based on the data from Eplan Pro Panel. But even without a 3D layout from Eplan Pro Panel, Eplan Smart Wiring can be used to increase productivity. For example, connection and wiring lists can be made available from other E-CAD systems, read in MS Excel format and processed in Smart Wiring. An automatic project comparison for last-minute changes ensures that all changes find their way into production in good time and are taken into account. Problem and error messages, status reports or production reports are created at the push of a button. These can then be sent to the engineering department or to those responsible for production planning.

Free entry - limited in time

Solution provider Eplan is not only breaking new ground with Smart Wiring, currently in German and English and available in 16 other languages ​​from November. As a special offer, the software will be made available from September 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017 as a free, four-month license. Interested parties can use it to put the system through its paces and, after the usage period has expired, decide whether they want to purchase the system. Interested parties can find more information at www.eplan.de/smartwiring or from the responsible Eplan sales representative.

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