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Configure Hoses Online

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Configure Hoses Online
Configure Hoses Online

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Video: Hydraulic Hose - How To Make an Assembly 2023, February

The exact determination of the complete hose with fittings requires only 4 steps: 1. Define hose, including hose length; 2. Define left armature; 3. define the right fitting; 4. Set the angle of rotation.

These 4 steps are clearly displayed in a timeline. If a step is to be corrected, you can switch between the steps. Thus, the user is simply guided through the configuration.

User always stays in the picture

Through the step-by-step selection of the different components, a picture (original photo, no line drawing!) Of the configuration is added at the top and the user always sees the original hose with the corresponding original fitting. A logic is stored that only shows the components in the pop-up menu that also match the hose and its size. The press frames are selected automatically, which the user does not have to worry about.

Hydraulic, thermoplastic and PTFE-stainless steel hoses are available as hose types. The hose fittings are in the common connection types such. B. DIN, JIC, BSP and SAE are offered.

Useful information about the hose length and the angle of rotation (this indicates how many degrees the right fitting should be turned clockwise) make the configurator a simple and safe instrument.

Configure and order immediately

When the configuration is complete, all important data is summarized again, including maximum pressure of the configured configuration. The finished configuration in the shopping cart can now be requested or ordered immediately. The prices and delivery times, if logged in, are of course also displayed with the corresponding customer discounts.

A PDF data sheet can also be read out and generated. The shopping list, in which the complete configuration can be stored, is also a very useful tool for reordering.

The hose is supplied complete with compression and is therefore ready for immediate use. (jv)

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