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News From Distance Measurement To Industrial Networking

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News From Distance Measurement To Industrial Networking
News From Distance Measurement To Industrial Networking

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Educational Video Series - Automation Basics: Industrial Networking 2023, February

With the IO-Link memory module, for example, Balluff is presenting a compact, bidirectional data memory for tight installation spaces. The compact memory module with degree of protection IP 67 with dimensions of 34 mm x 16 mm x 8 mm can be attached to exchange units such as B. milling heads of portal machining centers, as data storage.

Take over all data directly

The gensets always carry their current operating data with them so that they can be read out. This offers the following advantage: When changing machines, all data, such as the number of usage cycles, shock and vibration indicators or intervals for lubrication and oil change, are adopted directly.

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A new addition to the Balluff portfolio is a cylindrical mini sensor with background suppression (HGA) and IO-Link interface. The light sensor of the BOS 08E series is ideally used with its scanning distance of 7 mm to 30 mm, which can be set via IO-Link, wherever small objects in confined spaces must be reliably recognized against a close background.

IO-Link in the smallest space

The new mini-masters with four IO-Link ports for Profinet, Ethernet / IP and EtherCAT can also be seen. They offer all IO-Link advantages in the smallest of spaces. Additional features include an integrated switch and a web server. Modules with IO-Link port Class A and Class B are available.

The M8 IO-Link sensor / actuator hubs in a robust metal housing with expansion port are also completely new. Specified for temperature ranges from -5 ° C to 70 ° C, they are the ideal choice when it comes to use in steelworks, welding environments and in machine tools. Balluff offers a variant with 8 inputs and a configurable I / O module with 8 I / Os.

Save significantly on hardware costs

With the IO-Link sensor hubs, users save 30% to 40% in hardware costs alone compared to conventional fieldbus modules. Another advantage: With the sensor hub, all you need is a bus address to collect sensor signals in a 20 meter environment.

Network modules for the high-speed network CC-Link IE / Field are another highlight. The transmission and real-time protocol with 1 gigabit per second enables the control of decentralized I / O field devices with almost no transmission delay. Balluff offers robust standard modules, IO-Link masters and I / O gateways for transferring maximum amounts of data. With the modules, the cost-intensive network cables can be reduced to a minimum, so standard sensor cables (3 or 4 wires) are sufficient for the installation.

New position measuring systems

Balluff is also expanding its range of magnetostrictive position measuring systems by two more variants. With the BTL7-S5xxx and the BTL7-P511xxx, the company offers two new systems in a profile housing with an SSI or DPI / IP interface. Designed for large measuring lengths of up to 7620 mm, the non-contact and absolutely measuring systems enable highly precise machine positioning with a resolution of 1 µm thanks to synchronous data transmission. They offer a sampling frequency of up to 4 kHz and thus particularly fast measurement value acquisition. (jv)

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