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ABB Servo Drive Package Provides Performance And IoT Connectivity For Motion Applications

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ABB Servo Drive Package Provides Performance And IoT Connectivity For Motion Applications
ABB Servo Drive Package Provides Performance And IoT Connectivity For Motion Applications

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Video: MicroFlex e190 and e-Series motors. Matched performance, unrivalled flexibility. 2023, February

Motion Control A highly dynamic motion control package from ABB's latest servo drive and motor will save machine manufacturers time and money because they can obtain fully compatible, coordinated components from a single source. The package includes the new Microflex E190 servo drive and new servomotors from the e-series (ESM). Both were developed, optimized and tested together to ensure the performance and energy efficiency of the package.

The Microflex E190 is a single or three-phase servo drive with an output of 0.4 kW to 3 kW and a voltage of 105 to 230 V AC. The drives can be connected to a DC busbar to reduce energy consumption because the energy generated by one drive can be used by the others.

The compact package reduces installation space by up to 40%. Thanks to the integrated Ethernet network technology, the servo drive can be integrated into numerous common Ethernet systems without additional hardware.

The ESM motors are equipped with special magnetic materials and compact windings, which enable maximum torque density and a low-loss design. They are also characterized by a torque overload capacity of up to 300%. The new servo motors have high-resolution absolute encoders for precise control behavior that leads to higher productivity and better quality of the end product.

The package contains system software tools, PLCs, safety devices and services and is suitable for a wide range of applications in the food and beverage industry, metal processing, the plastics and rubber industry and the woodworking industry.

Connectivity to the Industrial Internet of Things

Ethernet opens the way to powerful control solutions and enables access to secure data so that the motion control application can be connected to the Internet of Things. The Microflex E190 is compatible with all common Ethernet protocols. As a result, OEMs and system integrators can use the same package in numerous applications and can easily connect the system.

The real-time performance enabled by Ethercat or Ethernet Powerlink makes synchronization of devices in the microsecond range a reality. The Microflex E190 servo drive also supports the common Ethernet protocols Profinet IO, ModBus TCP / IP and Ethernet IP. The control becomes more precise and machine cycle times are optimized. The condition and application-specific data supplied by the drive enable the monitoring of devices and systems and form the basis for the service offer of OEMs such as B. Predictive maintenance.

Lower total cost of ownership

By purchasing the entire drive and motor components from a single source, OEMs and system integrators benefit from a previously tested package and receive service and support from a single contact. You can rely on the seamless interaction of ABB products, which is not necessarily the case with products from different manufacturers.

Thanks to the sophisticated connector concept, the Microflex E190 can be easily and easily installed, which saves time and money. The configuration is made easier by the integrated ABB Suite Automation Builder 2.0 software, which enables virtual commissioning and thus ensures that all products in the package fit together. This also simplifies the selection of the motion control system and reduces the risk. Downtimes can be minimized by using a memory unit in which all relevant application parameters are stored. If a drive fails, the memory unit can be quickly plugged into another device without the need for a PC or entering parameters via a keyboard. In addition, customers receive support and service for the entire system from a single source.

ABB is driving the fourth industrial revolution

ABB has been developing control systems, communication solutions, sensors and software for more than four decades. These digital technologies allow customers from industry, energy supply and infrastructure to evaluate data more intelligently, optimize their operations and increase productivity and flexibility. The ABB AbilityTM digital offering supports customers in the further development of their technologies while maintaining security, reliability, data security and confidentiality on the way to the fourth industrial revolution. (ud)

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