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LTN Servotechnik Shows Components To Support Industry 4.0

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LTN Servotechnik Shows Components To Support Industry 4.0
LTN Servotechnik Shows Components To Support Industry 4.0

Video: LTN Servotechnik Shows Components To Support Industry 4.0

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Video: Индустрия 4.0 2023, February

The trade fair appearance for the SPS IPC Drives from LTN in 2016 is all about sustainable and cost-saving components for different areas of application as well as the engineering of customized solutions.

In order to demonstrate the multitude of innovations and application areas of the components, corresponding product examples will be presented in reality or as 3D models at the LTN Servotechnik stand. The use of slip rings in a wind turbine, a turntable or a radar system will be shown, and encoders in elevator technology and resolvers in modern industrial robots will also be on display.

An interesting novelty is, for example, the SC020 HD slip ring solution for video surveillance developed by LTN Servotechnik. With the miniature slip ring rotary coupling, HD-SDI video data can also be transmitted at high data rates. The principle of operation of the rotary coupling is based on the high-frequency design of the components in conjunction with the proven gold contacts from LTN.

In addition, LTN will show a wide range of bus-compatible slip rings that offer maximum flexibility for the transmission of electrical power, signals and support for a wide variety of real-time Ethernet systems in a wide range of applications. Customized bus systems can also be implemented. Real-time bus systems are the prerequisite for comprehensive automation and thus the digital transformation of many customer projects. Whether Ethernet / IP, Sercos, Profibus, Profinet, Ethercat, Powerlink or many others, slip rings from LTN enable the uninterrupted and trouble-free transmission of data in real time for controlled and safe system operation.

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  • Page 1: LTN Servotechnik shows components to support Industry 4.0
  • Page 2: Extended service life of slip ring transmission systems
  • Page 3: Engineering individual solutions "Made in Germany"

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