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Flexible, Pluggable, Decentralized: New Field Distributors Have Their Premiere

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Flexible, Pluggable, Decentralized: New Field Distributors Have Their Premiere
Flexible, Pluggable, Decentralized: New Field Distributors Have Their Premiere

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Nord Drivesystems has equipped its newly developed Nordac Link field distributor series with a number of features that make installation and commissioning easier. This includes coded plug-in connections for power, communication as well as sensors and actuators. LEDs indicate switching, operating and signal states so that operators can diagnose faults directly on site. Maintenance switches and operator switches on the device facilitate system service and set-up. The supply voltage can be connected from one drive to the next, which means that long distances with often hundreds of drive axes result in a greatly reduced cabling effort and correspondingly reduced costs. The drives can be flexibly configured for applications especially in conveyor technology and in other machines and systems.The extensive range of functions extends from encoder evaluation to brake management to PI control and sequence controls via an integrated PLC.

The field distributors integrate extensive protection mechanisms for the network (current limitation), device (over and undervoltage protection), motor (PTC / I²t, motor phases) and system (torque limitation, overload). This saves effort and costs for control cabinet components such as motor protection switches and reversing contactor switches. At the same time, the drives are extremely robust with an overload capacity of 150% for one minute and briefly up to 200%.

Drive achieves high control quality

Like all frequency inverters from Nord, the models in the new Nordac Link series work with current vector control and thus achieve a high level of control quality. The drives reliably deliver the specified speeds even with strong load fluctuations and provide the full torque until standstill.

An integrated load monitor prevents the working machine from being damaged in the event of a blockage. Even the STO and SS1 safety functions are available with the inverters for each drive axis - the electronic modules are certified by TÜV.

Series production will start in early 2017

The field distributors of the Nordac Link series are suitable for the operation of asynchronous and synchronous motors and can be used worldwide with numerous certifications. In addition to Profibus, Canopen, Devicenet and AS-I, they also support the Industrial Ethernet protocols Profinet, Ethernet Powerlink, Ethercat and Ethernet / IP. Users who already use drive electronics from Nord Drivesystems in their systems can easily use the new units for extensions or renewals, which are compatible with all existing models and have the same user-friendly parameter structure.

Field tests for other devices are running

Motor starters and frequency converters with the performance class 0.55 kW to 3 kW have been in the field test for several months and will go into series production in early 2017. Field tests for the converter sizes 2 kW to 7.5 kW will start in spring. They should be available from the 3rd quarter of 2017. (ud)

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Drive technology for networked, highly flexible plant automation

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