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Airbus Receives The Federal Ecodesign Award

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Airbus Receives The Federal Ecodesign Award
Airbus Receives The Federal Ecodesign Award

Video: Airbus Receives The Federal Ecodesign Award

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Video: Airbus Fly Your Ideas 2017 Award Ceremony 2023, February

The bionic partition is a partition between the passenger compartment and the galley. The biggest challenge when developing the component was to keep an opening for the emergency stretcher and a fold-out seat for the on-board personnel. The engineers succeeded in doing this. The result is a product that is 45% lighter than conventional aircraft partitions thanks to design optimization and Scalmalloy. The weight reduction can not only reduce kerosene consumption, but also CO2 emissions per aircraft by ten tons annually. Thanks to the additive manufacturing and the modular structure, the partitions can also be installed in existing aircraft cabins. Individual components can easily be replaced if necessary. The material used is completely recyclable.

Reason enough to be awarded the prize. The Ecodesign Award has been given annually by the Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB) and the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) in cooperation with the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) to innovative companies and for ideas in the field of ecological design. (qui)

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