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New Planning Guidelines For IO-Link Available

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New Planning Guidelines For IO-Link Available
New Planning Guidelines For IO-Link Available

Video: New Planning Guidelines For IO-Link Available

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Video: Enhanced Webserver for IO-Link Device Integration 2023, February

The activities required for planning are described step by step in an action-oriented form. The IO-Link specification version 1.1.2 serves as the basis for this planning guideline.

Based on a short description of the IO-Link technology and its place in the automation pyramid, the guideline deals with the advantages of IO-Link. Furthermore, the subtasks of electrotechnical planning are shown and solved using an example system. A conveyor belt system consisting of several conveyor belts was chosen as an example for the planning. These conveyor belts are based on a uniform basic module. Different types of IO-Link devices are provided on the conveyor belts.

Technical characteristics explained

In a first step of electrical engineering planning, the technical properties of the IO-Link devices are clarified. This includes properties such as IO-Link version, port class, power requirements and process data size. In a next step, the IO-Link masters are selected based on various aspects, such as B. higher-level bus system, protection class, port class and some other criteria.

After the system structure has been defined and the IO-Link devices and IO-Link masters have been defined, the next step is to plan the cabling. The cabling is primarily about the connection between the IO-Link master and its IO-Link devices. Both the number of cable cores and the number of pins on the connector, the cable length, the currents and the voltage drop on the cable are considered. After all relevant points of the hardware planning have been completed, the results are documented in a table.

The guideline can be downloaded free of charge from www.io-link.com. (jv)

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