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Faster, Higher, Further In Product Development

Table of contents:

Faster, Higher, Further In Product Development
Faster, Higher, Further In Product Development

Video: Faster, Higher, Further In Product Development

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Video: Product - Development Stages 2023, February

Finally, the solutions presented support you specifically in your day-to-day tasks and show how you can use innovative knowledge and software solutions to get innovative products even more flexibly - especially next-generation products: as is well known, they will all soon be smart and connected. Of course, the new versions of the CAx solutions are being worked diligently to give users even more work-saving functions. The following overview shows what else moved you:

3D product development

With Solidworks 2016 faster from concept to finished product

PLM software

Start-up develops smart city cruisers with Siemens software

CAD software Catchbook

Quickly from the sketch to the construction via app

Hanover Fair 2016

Agricultural machinery manufacturers network locations and disciplines


A 3D model at the push of a button


Three out of 8000

CAD work station

3D input device ensures more performance, user-friendliness and ergonomics

Technical communication

Make technology easy to understand

CAD work station

3D sitting is fascia-friendly

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