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High Demands On Spindle Bearings

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High Demands On Spindle Bearings
High Demands On Spindle Bearings

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных

KBT (Knapp Bearing Technology) spindle bearings according to ISO 492: 2014 are single row angular contact ball bearings made of solid and hardened outer and inner rings. The rolling element set consists of balls with solid window cages.

According to Knapp rolling bearing technology, the bearings absorb axial forces in one direction, superimposed on radial forces. If pairs of spindle bearings are used in an O or X arrangement, they should be able to absorb tilting moments and axial forces in both directions. Bearings in tandem arrangement can only be axially loaded in one direction.

The angular contact ball bearing achieves its suitability as a spindle bearing primarily through restricted tolerances in geometry and shape accuracy. Steel quality plays a major role here: Knapp promises the best steel qualities for its KBT spindle bearings for an optimal surface finish. The bearings are intended to ensure maximum guidance accuracy at the highest physically possible speeds.

roller bearing

Shaft seals for radial and axial seals in the portfolio

Standardized dimensional and tolerance accuracy

KBT spindle bearings are high-precision bearings manufactured with dimensional and tolerance accuracy according to DIN ISO 1132.

The high-precision bearings are used as bearings for the main spindles in machine tools with increased performance and increased operational safety. In addition, they should meet the high demands of electrospindle manufacturers.

The high-precision KBT spindle bearings are developed in detailed engineering work with the customer, always in relation to the individual application. Customers include users from the machine tool construction, processing machine construction, robot technology, automation and handling, vehicle construction and electronic equipment sectors. (sh)

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