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Aventics Extends Cooperation With Landefeld

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Aventics Extends Cooperation With Landefeld
Aventics Extends Cooperation With Landefeld

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The pneumatic experts from Aventics and Landefeld, companies for pneumatic and hydraulic components and industrial supplies, are now working more closely together. In addition to standard pneumatic products from Aventics, Landefeld has also added special solutions to the program. For Aventics, the cooperation is part of the growth strategy.

Short delivery times for standard and special solutions

Landefeld has over 20,000 original parts from Aventics on offer. As an official sales partner, the wholesaler now also offers special solutions in addition to cylinders, valves and other standard components. The products are delivered from the warehouse in Kassel across Europe.

The Landefeld team is now working closely with the pneumatic specialist Aventics
The Landefeld team is now working closely with the pneumatic specialist Aventics

The two companies expect the cooperation to increase sales. Lars Landefeld, one of the two managing directors of the family company, explains: "The products from Aventics are of high quality and the delivery times are short." The wholesale company also promises fast deliveries: for orders placed by 6 p.m., deliveries within Germany should arrive the same day. Despite online trading, the company relies on customer advice. "Due to the long company history, Aventics has in-depth knowledge of pneumatics," says Landefeld.

Aventics expands sales network worldwide

The reason for the closer cooperation between the two companies is the growth strategy of the pneumatic manufacturer. "We want to expand our global sales network," explains Peter Saffe, responsible for strategic sales at Aventics. "With Landefeld we can serve the local market faster."

In addition to sales through partners, Aventics is counting on the establishment of its own branches for growth. The pneumatic manufacturer recently founded a new national company in Mexico in order to sell its products there. Aventics is also working on expanding its online sales channels. (kj)

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