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A Control Cabinet To Carry

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A Control Cabinet To Carry
A Control Cabinet To Carry

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Automatic control cabinet cabling 2023, February

Reliable cooling of the electronics is important for safe flight operations. Avio-Tec has developed a so-called ground test tool for the air mass flow in helicopters. A “normal” measuring case is not sufficient because additional pressure may have to be generated to locate a leak. This is why a giant-looking device case from Santox is used.

The test facility used in the hangar or on the airfield places high demands on mobility, stability and handling. The case is mobile due to the generously dimensioned castors. Regardless of its dimensions of approx. 1070 × 800 × 400 mm, which are close to the dimensions of a control cabinet, the test device can also be moved using stable carrying handles. According to Santox, easy access to the interior of the compression stage is also ensured with butterfly locks.

Adapter connects helicopter with measuring device

The connection between helicopter and measuring device is made using special adapters. All equipment required for the measurement, including the touch screen for menu selection, are located on the top housing level on a large front panel. Their cover is held in the open position by gas pressure springs. The control itself is carried out by a PLC one level below. Further electronics are also placed there. The overpressure required to measure a possible leakage is generated in the lower part of the case in a hermetically sealed "resonance chamber" using fans. (sh)

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