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Slim Energy Meter With A Wide Range Of Functions

Slim Energy Meter With A Wide Range Of Functions
Slim Energy Meter With A Wide Range Of Functions

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Since every division unit (TE) is important in the control cabinet, Gossen Metrawatt has dimensioned its new generation of MID-calibrated meters to be particularly compact. On 4 HP, which correspond to a housing width of 72 mm, the new Energymid is to integrate a range of functions that is unique in its class and can be placed on 35 mm top-hat rails in any installation position. Its connection fault diagnosis should ensure simple, safe installation and commissioning. The backlit display for displaying the selected measurement data signals installation errors by an unmistakable color change.

In addition to the power consumption, depending on the device version selected, up to 33 further measured variables can be recorded for billing in accordance with MID measuring instruments directive 2014/32 / EU, and cost centers can also be assigned: The measured variables include reactive energy, apparent power, neutral conductor current, power factor and frequency as well as the Energy supply. The network quality is also monitored by recording the Total Harmonic Distortion (TDH) for current and voltage. The measured values ​​are transmitted via pulse via standardized or freely programmable S0 interfaces. The meters are optionally available with additional bus interfaces for M-Bus, LON, BACnet and Modbus-RTU / -TCP for data transmission and remote reading.

Gossen Metrawatt offers the Energymid for 2-, 3- and 4-wire networks with converter connection (1 (6) A) and input voltages from 100 V to 500 V with a manufacturer's guarantee of three years. The counters are available in preconfigured standard versions as well as with a customer-specifically configured range of functions and selectable interface equipment. (sh)

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