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Touch Sensor Technology

Touch Sensor Technology
Touch Sensor Technology

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Video: Peratech 3D force-sensing Touch sensors 2023, February

With their elegant and modern appearance, the switches should be the perfect choice when it comes to a high-quality and aesthetic appearance. In addition to preconfigured standard variants, Schurter also offers a selection of housing and functional options with which the button or switch can be adapted to individual requirements.

The products of the CPS family are available in the diameters 16 mm, 19 mm and 22 mm. The housing of the series is made of stainless steel and the capacitive sensor technology is used. Here, the pressure-free contact of the actuator surface of the switch with the finger causes a change in the electrical field, which subsequently triggers a switching process. The capacitive touch sensor technology does not require any moving parts. This is intended to make the CPS a durable product with a theoretically unlimited number of operations. In addition, the CPS is available with a so-called finger guide, which gives haptic feedback when this switch is actuated.

There are two versions of the lighting options - ring and area lighting. The lighting of the CPS can be selected in one color, two colors or in multiple colors. In addition to the basic colors red, green and blue, additive colors such as cyan, magenta, yellow and white are also possible. A scratch-resistant and biocompatible ceramic surface of the actuator can be selected for the surface-illuminated version.

In addition to a number of predefined standard variants, the CPS can be easily adapted to the most diverse customer requirements by selecting various options using the configuration code described in the data sheet. Adjustments that are not listed in the data sheet can also be requested. With this option, the CPS, according to Schurter, should be suitable for a wide variety of applications in various industries. Possible areas of application are in industrial automation, food processing, laboratory technology, in door and access control controls, for white goods or electronic devices.


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