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3D-Connexion Optimizes Integration In Solid Edge

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3D-Connexion Optimizes Integration In Solid Edge
3D-Connexion Optimizes Integration In Solid Edge

Video: 3D-Connexion Optimizes Integration In Solid Edge

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Video: Основы 3D моделирования в синхронной среде Solid Edge 2023, February

The new driver 3D-Connexion Intelligent 3D Navigation (I3DN) simplifies the operation of the construction software enormously. Regardless of whether a designer works with large models or focuses on details: The technology automatically recognizes and sets the optimal rotation point. The more precise navigation reduces the navigation steps and thus saves time. In addition, the rotation point is visualized in order to provide the user with a reference point for rotary, tilting or rolling movements.

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Focus on creative performance

Thanks to this new, intuitive 3D navigation experience, users can concentrate more on their creative work instead of worrying about the positioning of the model.

CAD work station

This is what the ergonomic CAD workstation looks like

All 3D input devices in one software

The 3DxWare 10 driver is also the centerpiece for the efficient and intelligent use of all 3D Connexion products including the Cad-Mouse. It supports and manages all connected 3D Connexion input devices centrally in one software. Each of the freely assignable function keys can be assigned to application and environment-specific application functions. Thanks to the clear, intuitive user interface, all navigation parameters (the speed of movement of the mouse pointer with the Cad Mouse or movement modes with the 3D mouse) can be adapted to individual needs. (mz)

CAD work station

3D input device ensures more performance, user-friendliness and ergonomics

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