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WEG Introduces New Circuit Breaker Series

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WEG Introduces New Circuit Breaker Series
WEG Introduces New Circuit Breaker Series

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Video: WEG CWC Series Mini Control Relays 2023, February

WEG has introduced its modularly designed DWB circuit breaker series into the European market. This is designed for a rated operating voltage of up to 690 V AC or 250 V DC and is available in 3 and 4 poles in six sizes for rated operational currents from 16 A to 1600 A. With the DWB circuit breakers, short-circuit currents up to 80 kA / 415 V are to be safely interrupted, thus protecting systems, cables and wires as well as motors and generators. According to WEG, the circuit breakers are characterized by high compactness, robustness and reliability, so that users should benefit from maximum operational safety even under the most demanding conditions and space-saving installation.

With the appropriate accessories, the circuit breakers or systems and system components can be switched on, off and toggled remotely. Due to the uniform accessories within the series, such as auxiliary switch blocks, undervoltage and shunt releases or phase isolators, the number of components to be stored should be reduced. This has positive effects on warehousing, type selection and project planning.

Flexible thanks to the modular concept

The modular design of the DWB series allows the level of complexity of the circuit breakers to be adapted to the requirements of the respective area of ​​application. Simple and cost-sensitive applications are operated, for example, with circuit breakers with a fixed overload and short-circuit release and thermomagnetic tripping principle. In more convenient solutions, however, circuit breakers with adjustable overload and short-circuit releases are used. Circuit breakers with adjustable current-dependent or time-delayed overload and short-circuit releases with an electronic tripping principle are available for complex requirements. These variants are used to set up selective networks to ensure that only the switch that is immediately upstream of the fault locationis switched off and all other power supplies continue to be safely supplied.

The 4-pole circuit breakers are offered without and with protection of the neutral conductor. Variants without an overload release can be used to protect non-motor loads such as ohmic loads. Variants without an overload release are also used in starter combinations, with the circuit breaker taking over the short-circuit protection and a separate overload relay ensuring the overload protection. Electronic overload relays are also often used in this connection.

Power isolators are also available for effectively interrupting electrical circuits. According to WEG, the circuit breakers of the DWB series are manufactured and tested in accordance with the standards IEC / EN 60947 (DIN VDE 0660) and the latest technology. (sh)


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