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How Collaborative Robots And Worker Safety Can Be Combined

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How Collaborative Robots And Worker Safety Can Be Combined
How Collaborative Robots And Worker Safety Can Be Combined

Video: How Collaborative Robots And Worker Safety Can Be Combined

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Video: Collaborative Robot Safety Tutorial - Video 1 2023, February

Collaborative robotics applications are fundamentally changing the way people and machines work together in manufacturing. This collaboration enables manufacturers and workers in industry to combine the strength, reproducibility and continuity of machines with the flexibility, adaptability and intelligence of people. The result: a completely new combination that can be used to increase production efficiency and flexibility. At the same time, the physical strain on people can be reduced. Such skills are more important than ever as companies look for new ways to keep their skilled but aging workers.

Fewer security cells required

One of the basic requirements for collaborative robotics applications is safety technology, which enables people and robots to use the same work area and reduce the risk of injury. Advances in these technologies reduce the need for security cells. This in turn saves space and costs and enables more flexible use in the manufacturing area.

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More and more safety technologies are being integrated in the robot and in the cell control. Sophisticated sensors, safety controls and communication networks provide real-time safety data that enable robots to automatically react to possible dangers, for example when a robot comes into contact with an operator.

Today's standards - provided by the Robotic Industries Association and various institutes for safety standards - provide guidelines on how robots and humans can work together to revolutionize productivity and safety in industrial processes.

Implementation of collaborative robotics

A robot is not inherently collaborative. A collaborative robot is only part of a collaborative robotics application and does not automatically comply with any safety regulations. Therefore, the design of a system plays a critical role in optimizing worker safety and compliance. According to the standards ANSI / RIA R15.06-2012 and ISO 10218, the term “collaborative” describes an automatically operated robot system that shares a work area with a person.

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