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Encee Celebrates ZW3D With A Special Offer

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Encee Celebrates ZW3D With A Special Offer
Encee Celebrates ZW3D With A Special Offer

Video: Encee Celebrates ZW3D With A Special Offer

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Video: ZW3D 2017 CAD 2023, February

The new version 2017 of the 3D CAD system ZW3D offers a multitude of innovations. The collaboration with the PDM system Gain Collaboration, which makes it possible to reliably manage ZW3D data, is particularly noteworthy. This also makes the system interesting for larger work groups and companies. The German sales partner Encee supports this with a campaign in which five jobs are sold for the price of two.

ZW3D 2017: New features for CAD:

Interfaces updated

ZW3D is known for its openness and its wide range of interfaces, which cover the most important CAD systems from Catia to Creo, Inventor to NX, Solid Edge and Solidworks. There are also various neutral and kernel formats. In the 2017 edition, the Catia interface has now been updated so that you can even read and write 3D CAD data in the Catia V5 / V6R2016 - including PMIs and hidden elements. The Solidworks interface has also been updated and now covers the current version 2016, also including the information mentioned. Parasolid kernel data can be written and read up to kernel version 29.0.

More views for presentations and discussions

The dynamic sectional view is very helpful for presentations and discussions with customers and colleagues. It enables cuts in all three levels to be pushed through the model at the click of a mouse, thus dynamically exposing the inside of a product. The system offers a real-time preview so that the internal structure is understandable. The revised equation manager combines all variables and equation sets in a clear display. This enables the user to quickly create, manage and call up variables and equations.

Significantly less programming effort for surface milling

A large number of functions in the sheet metal area have been revised to make modeling more flexible. Among other things, the new intuitive parameter control enables changes to be implemented quickly and variants to be run through quickly.

The function for surface milling has been revised in the CAM area. It finds all parallel surfaces on one model and thus enables all surfaces that can be machined in one setup to be provided with milling threads at the push of a button, even if they are arranged at different heights. This can save up to 50% programming time in flat regions. Engraving with custom tools and turning-milling simulation are further areas in which ZW3D brings innovations. (mz)

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