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Siemens Improves System Performance With System Integration

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Siemens Improves System Performance With System Integration
Siemens Improves System Performance With System Integration

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Video: Bernhard Staufer (Siemens) — Построение диспетчерских центров на базе WinCC OA. 2023, February

The sheer forces are impressive: an approximately 10 m long, modern double belt press requires a torque of around 25,000 Nm on the drums, a 30 m long system even torques in the order of 860,000 Nm. But it is not just these large forces that pose challenges for the drive technology of the presses, for example, because drive torques and speeds are dependent on a large number of influencing factors.

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Produce composite panels more economically in the future

Forces of this magnitude are necessary on double belt presses in order to fiber-reinforced plates made of thermoplastics, as u. a. installed in the automotive industry due to their low weight, economical to manufacture. In order to open up new applications in composite panel production, Berndorf Band Engineering GmbH has developed new modular double belt presses. In conjunction with a process control, fiber-reinforced sheets can be made from thermoplastics whose functionality meets even higher requirements than was previously economically possible. Industries, such as automotive engineering and mechanical engineering, should benefit from these high-strength and highly deformable materials.

In addition to the high torques, what is new is that previously temperatures of around 250 ° C were possible in such continuous production plants with the double belt presses, but now it is up to 400 ° C. In addition, the new high-tech double belt presses are available in three different sizes from 800 mm to 3150 mm belt width. Due to the robust design, the systems are designed for long-term continuous operation, which is why the gearboxes of the main drives must also function reliably and trouble-free.

Modular structure makes flexible configuration possible

Markus Dorner, mechanical engineer at Berndorf Band Engineering explains: "A major advantage of the new system design, in addition to scalability, is the modular structure, which benefits from flexible configuration". Because the individual press stations such as roller module, bar carpet module, sliding module and calender module are controlled autonomously and can be arranged in any way in a complete continuous system. The highlight: when changing a module, the steel belts do not even have to be dismantled, which is why such a system adjustment can be carried out conveniently. For users, this means: Due to the flexibility, process optimization is comparatively easy, which has a positive effect on the production result.

At the heart of the new development are the new Flender SIP planetary gearmotors, which enable system integration from the drive control to the gearbox. Because the drive torques and speeds that are transferred to the drums up to 170 ° C warm at the entrance and at the outlet of the system are dependent on a large number of influencing factors and must be coordinated accordingly. At Siemens, this strategy is called "Integrated Drive Systems" (IDS). The integration of individual drive components from a single source ensures high system availability, makes engineers more flexible when it comes to system construction, and increases the economic efficiency of the system manufacturer through rapid implementation. In addition, the Flender planetary gear units are scalable in a wide range and available up to 10 million Nm.

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