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The Variety Of Slewing Rings

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The Variety Of Slewing Rings
The Variety Of Slewing Rings

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Slewing rings are machine elements for rotary movements. As roller bearings, they can be used in a variety of ways and are used above all under high loads.

Slewing rings absorb axial, radial and tilting moment loads, usually a combination of the loads occurs. Seals on both sides are designed to protect the bearing from dirt, dust and light splash water. Appropriate modified specific seals are used for high levels of dirt or splash water. The rolling elements are greased and can be relubricated from the outside using grease nipples in the rings. Adapted plastic spacers guide the rolling elements.

Knapp Wälzlagertechnik produces slewing rings under the proprietary name KBT (Knapp Bearing Technology) as:

  • Four point bearing
  • Cross roller bearings
  • Accuracy bearings (axial-radial bearings or axial angular contact ball bearings)


High demands on spindle bearings

roller bearing

Shaft seals for radial and axial seals in the portfolio

KBT four-point bearing

(in light and heavy version)

Four point bearings take up axial and radial loads. The ground raceway in Gothic form causes the four-point contact of the rolling elements and thus also moment support in the four-point contact areas of the balls with the raceway of the rings. Bearings with teeth according to DIN 868 and DIN 3960 on the outer and inner ring are possible, which are variable in preload and radial-axial play. According to the company's own information, KBT four-point bearings are very robust and suitable for extreme applications.

Cross roller bearings

(in light and heavy version)

According to Knapp Wälzlagertechnik, these preloaded slewing rings are stronger than four-point bearings and are suitable for precision applications. Thanks to the X arrangement of the cylindrical rollers, the bearings absorb axial forces from both directions as well as radial forces, tilting moment loads and load combinations. Bearings with teeth according to DIN 868 and DIN 3960 on the outer and inner ring are possible. It is a very rigid bearing with high running accuracy.

Accuracy bearings:

The axial-radial roller bearings and axial angular contact ball bearings are ready-to-build precision bearings for precision applications with high resilience and rigidity. They should absorb changing radial and axial loads as well as tilting moments without play. According to Knapp Wälzlagertechnik, precision bearings are particularly suitable for bearings with high demands on running accuracy in small installation spaces. They are easy to assemble through the mounting holes and axially and radially pre-tensioned after installation. Accuracy bearings are often used as rotary table bearings and for rotary axes with high repeat accuracy.

The high load bearing precision bearings and slewing rings are not available off the shelf at Knapp Wälzlagertechnik, but are developed in detailed engineering work with the customer, always in relation to the individual application. Requirements such as axial runout and concentricity, radial and axial bearing play, breakaway torque and frictional torque as well as the quality of the gearing can be carried out optionally. (sh)

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