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With What Sayings Bosses Shoot Themselves Out

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With What Sayings Bosses Shoot Themselves Out
With What Sayings Bosses Shoot Themselves Out

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The alpha position leads some owners to punch out pithy boss sayings. In the technology and IT sector in particular, messages are often brought to the supposed point. However, some statements are an own goal because they hurt others and at the same time let them look deep.

Boss sayings from the know-it-all: "I said it right away."

A popular throw-in if something went wrong. Actually, the statement is “I knew better, but nobody really listened to me. And that's why it's not my fault.”For an entrepreneur, this excuse is a testimony to poverty. Either he delegates a task, stands by the behavior of his employees and now starts to limit the damage. Or he takes the reins from the start.

Chief sayings of the timid: "It never works."

No decisive developments in world history would have been possible if all of them had adopted this traditional attitude. Thought experiments are the first step to innovations that can potentially drive a company forward. "We always did it that way"? Congratulations: This company is not sustainable and will therefore no longer exist in the near future.

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Chief sayings from the important person: "This is not my construction site."

Don't get bogged down is one thing. Basically rejecting anything that does not correspond to the immediate experience of a company is a wasted opportunity. Perhaps this request shows a market development that could be successfully taken up? It would therefore make more sense to check the potential and possibilities first. Some things can also be implemented in a cooperation that does not quite correspond to your own know-how.

For employees, the statement is useful if someone tries to delegate an activity back to the boss. Everyone who has been in a managerial position knows this. A task that is not easy is transferred and the person in charge is at the desk 25 times and has questions. Then you can do it yourself. If the employee actually has insufficient information, you have to touch your own nose. However, if he tries to shift the unpleasant work, the saying is absolutely appropriate.

It is inappropriate if you want to use it as an entrepreneur to differentiate yourself from subject areas that you do not like. Sales is not mine because I come from the technology side? I have my people for that? As an entrepreneur, I have to think about every area of ​​my company. Not down to the smallest detail, but for the necessary overview. When it comes to your business, you are the general contractor for all construction sites.

Senior professionals

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