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Stir And Mix Even Under Water

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Stir And Mix Even Under Water
Stir And Mix Even Under Water

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Chain - Underwater Mix 2023, February

The most diverse application variants, the simple design, the low power-to-weight ratio, the large speed range and the explosion safety ensure a wide range of applications for the compressed air motor. Deprag air motors are used in almost all industrial sectors - including underwater. With the Advanced Line air motor series, high-quality stainless steel drives are available, which should combine many advantages. Due to the robust design of the outer parts in rustproof stainless steel and the sealing with two radial shaft seals, the vane motors with a power of 120 W to 1.2 kW are well suited for underwater use.

Underwater operations also depend on how the engine is used and the depth of the water it is supposed to work. If the air motor starts under water, it can only be used without problems up to a depth of 5 m. If it is always started on the surface, it should even be able to dive to a depth of 20 m. If higher requirements have to be met or if the compressed air motor is even supposed to work in salt water, then further additional modifications to the housing material, the seal or a coating of internal parts against corrosion are required.

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In order to select a suitable air motor for the existing application, an intensive customer discussion is required in advance, in which the application is clarified in detail. The following example, which the Deprag engineers have implemented for a customer, provides a more detailed explanation: A motor in acidic solution should be used as a mixed drive, circulating the liquid and stirring minerals evenly. In order for the engine to withstand the environmental requirements, the following questions must be answered: Which acid is used? What is the concentration of the acid in the medium or which stainless steel material is required? Robust stainless steel motors are also in demand in the paper industry. For example in stock preparation in paper production: Depending on the type of paper,Wood and cellulose as well as waste paper fibers are mixed in a certain ratio and dissolved in water. Chemical fillers and auxiliaries are also added. This aggressive “mash” has to be stirred again and again. A compressed air motor with an acid-resistant stainless steel housing in V4A quality should be the drive solution.

For higher requirements, such as use in the clean room in the food and pharmaceutical industries, the manufacturer offers the product line of the Advanced Line stainless steel motors, which is characterized by its sealed, oil-free and rustproof compressed air vane motor. For this application, the engine's exhaust air is discharged outside the clean room via the exhaust air hose. The Advanced Line vane motor is ATEX certified, reversible and even available with an integrated holding brake. Its power range extends from 20 W to 1.2 kW, from low speeds to high-speed engines. The air motor is very flexible - it can be operated optimally in a wide field of changing loads. The engine power can be adjusted by changing the operating pressure,control the speed continuously by throttling the air volume. Damage caused by overloading is almost impossible. When the compressed air motor reaches its stall torque, the air motor simply stops. As soon as the load decreases, it should start up again without damage and, the company continues, as often as desired. (br)

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