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Manufacture Heavy-duty Functional Models

Manufacture Heavy-duty Functional Models
Manufacture Heavy-duty Functional Models

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Video: Amazing Heavy Duty Metal Production Process - Modern High Speed CNC Machining Processing Methods 2023, February

The heated pressure chamber (up to 80 ° C) has a large construction volume of 500 x 400 x 475 mm. In connection with the high temperature hot end (up to 400 ° C) there are completely new possibilities in the processing of technically demanding filaments for the production of heavy-duty components and functional models. The new Auto Bed Leveling also eliminates the time-consuming adjustment of the print bed because the print bed is automatically calibrated. Bumps in the print bed are detected and adapted using sensors.

With its solid steel frame and a total weight of around 170kg, the machine offers extremely high stability in continuous industrial use. The new DD4 extruder enables the contact pressure for each material to be set individually using a 12-step scale. This means that both very brittle and very flexible materials can be processed without any previous knowledge. This means that the X500 is also able to precisely process future material developments. The cooling circuit enables a stable process even at maximum installation temperature.

Another useful innovation of the product is the so-called "Filament Feed Control". The movement of the filament is recorded by a sensor system and compared live with the feed. This guarantees a constant material discharge during the entire printing process. Printing errors due to poor material handling can thus be excluded.

The new X500 therefore has a 7 inch touch display and enables file transfer via USB stick or optionally via Ethernet and WLAN. A software license for Simplify3D is also included in the package and guarantees optimal printing results.

Another innovation is the new heated base cabinet. This enables your filament to be stored in ideal conditions. Filaments that are particularly susceptible to moisture, such as nylon or water-soluble PVA, can therefore be processed under the same temperature conditions without time-consuming intermediate steps. This ensures a stable printing process even with sensitive materials. (qui)

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