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Lead-free And Lightweight Alternative To Brass Components

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Lead-free And Lightweight Alternative To Brass Components
Lead-free And Lightweight Alternative To Brass Components

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Penn Engineering's new aluminum SI thread inserts are designed to offer a lead-free and weight-saving alternative to corresponding brass components. According to the manufacturer, they are suitable for solving potential environmental and recycling problems and at the same time enable lighter assemblies. The aluminum versions are approx. 70% lighter than corresponding brass components and can be specified for all types of SI inserts. They complement the standard product line made of brass and corrosion-resistant, stainless steel. The components should enable the integration of durable and reusable metal threads for assembly in plastic and ensure later access to an assembly if necessary.

SI thread inserts are used, for example, for plastic housings or components in consumer electronics, medical technology, automotive electronics, aerospace, transportation, the leisure industry and many more. for use.

Easy and quick disassembly possible

The SI product line made of aluminum, stainless steel or brass for plastic assemblies includes: insert parts for ultrasound or fasteners for an installation by ultrasound or hot pressing, overmolding types for an installation during the injection molding process, and press-in types that pass through Pressing the insert into a preformed or drilled hole.

The components can be installed permanently and, in contrast to fixed and rigid connection methods (such as gluing or riveting), offer the possibility of simple and quick disassembly and reattachment of plastic components without thread damage.

SI thread inserts are available in different designs and lengths as well as in micro fastener versions with threads from M1 and with imperial and metric threads. Penn Engineering provides detailed specifications, fastener dimensional drawings and models as well as load capacity data (data sheet SI) for these fasteners on its website. (sh)

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