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Responsibility For Entire Value Chains

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Responsibility For Entire Value Chains
Responsibility For Entire Value Chains

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Video: Sustainable steel - impacting the entire value chain 2023, February

The company has set itself the goal of relieving its customers of entire value chains. "In recent years we have developed so technologically that we are now able to take on entire value chains responsibly. This frees our customers from many worries and enables them to concentrate better on their own core business,”says Managing Director Ralf Schwarzkopf.

Heating hoses

Transport flexibly and at a moderate temperature using heated hoses

At the Hannover Messe stand, trade fair visitors learn that Hotset is already doing its "value-added outsourcing" with many customers. For example, with a manufacturer of gas measuring devices. For him, the Lüdenscheid company took over the production of ready-to-use temperature sensor system solutions including installation technology, housing configuration, quality assurance and packaging with a production line. "The manufacturer has transferred this component production process stage to us, so that we can cover one of his earlier value chains here," explains Angela Vitz-Schiergens, sales manager at Hotset.

Thermodynamics as part of the whole

With the outsourcing concept, Hotset aims to address all manufacturers who need a certain temperature for their production at a precise time in a defined location - for heating, cooling or targeted temperature control. This can be the case in toolmaking, surface technology or plastics technology as in packaging technology, foundry technology and many other industries. “While in the past every question was considered product-specifically, today the focus is on the consideration of our customers' value creation processes. The aspects of process optimization, efficiency and resource conservation usually determine the direction of our thinking and acting,”explains sales manager Angela Vitz-Schiergens.

At the beginning of an Hotset outsourcing project there are intensive consultations as well as feasibility and value analyzes. This is followed by development and engineering with prototyping and test runs, which then lead to the implementation phase. The focus will then be on the implementation of customer-specific system solutions.


Hanover Fair 2017:

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