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ABB Ability Shows Digital Solutions At The Hannover Messe

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ABB Ability Shows Digital Solutions At The Hannover Messe
ABB Ability Shows Digital Solutions At The Hannover Messe

Video: ABB Ability Shows Digital Solutions At The Hannover Messe

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Video: ABB @Hannover Messe: Digital Powertrain 2023, February

At the Hanover Fair, ABB shows how companies can increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption in the digital age. The company bundles more than 180 digital solutions such as digitally networked devices, systems and services under the term “ABB Ability”. Hans-Georg Krabbe, CEO of ABB, explains the concept: "With ABB Ability, we bundle our digital portfolio across all industries, which is the result of our industry knowledge, technological leadership and digital expertise."

ABB cooperates with Microsoft

ABB Ability develops products for the energy supply, industry and the transport and infrastructure sector. The solutions include, for example, control systems for the process industry, remote monitoring of robots, motors and machines, and charging infrastructures for electric vehicles. ABB plans to develop further solutions together with Microsoft on the Azure cloud platform.

From smart sensors and sustainable electric cars

Intelligent manufacturing: ABB Ability aims to improve the planning, execution and control of manufacturing processes. Tools provide a virtual, collaborative environment for virtual commissioning so that operational problems can be identified and corrected before installation. The Ability Smart Sensor analyzes the condition parameters of electric motors and, according to the manufacturer, enables less downtime and less energy consumption. Ability Connected Services connects robots, machines and automation technology to the cloud in order to accelerate problem solving and extend the lifespan of plants.

Digital energy supply: At the Hannover Messe, ABB is showing the concept of a digital switchgear in which numerous sensors deliver data to the control center of a substation and enable predictive maintenance. The company also shows the latest developments in HVDC Light's high-voltage direct current transmission technology. It should enable the efficient transport of energy over long distances and the connection of the energy networks of different countries.

Food & Beverage: According to the manufacturer, the digital ABB Ability solutions provide the flexibility required to adapt to consumer demand and to control shorter and more complex production cycles cost-effectively. This is particularly beneficial in the fast-moving food and beverage industry. Digital security systems protect the employees in the factory, while automated "Tracking & Tracing" systems ensure that legal regulations are complied with. With the digital solutions, manufacturers can also make their water and energy management more efficient.

Process control and automation: Process control systems such as the 800xA system enable central control and automation of diverse industrial processes. Various solutions, including the Field Information Manager and Intelligent Projects, ensure that devices can be configured faster while reducing OPEX and CAPEX costs. Collaborative operations are designed to help customers monitor and optimize their processes. Experts can cooperate across organizations and access the same data and analysis platforms.

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Bang: ABB takes over B&R

Sustainable mobility: One of ABB's most important solutions for expanding electromobility is a high-performance charger that can charge an electric vehicle in twelve minutes and then cover a distance of over 300 km. This also includes modular solutions for electric buses that enable the smooth operation of sustainable transport systems: According to the manufacturer, the batteries of electric buses can be charged in 15 seconds with the flash charging system.

Working at ABB: The company has numerous programs to promote talent and support the teams in shaping the digital transformation. The company aims to attract qualified junior staff early on and retain them over the long term. With the new “Digital Work” tool, teams can explore the challenges and opportunities of the future digital work environment in a playful and holistic approach. (kj)

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