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The History Of The Santa Claus Sleigh

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The History Of The Santa Claus Sleigh
The History Of The Santa Claus Sleigh

Video: The History Of The Santa Claus Sleigh

Video: The History Of The Santa Claus Sleigh
Video: The History of Christmas & Santa Claus: Santa's Sleigh Ride (FREE MOVIE) 2023, May

Reports about Santa's sleigh date back to 1821. In a book about New Year's gifts, there was an account of an old, bearded man who delivers gifts to children with a sleigh whose behavior corresponds to his self-postulated moral.

Before the industrial revolution, people thought it was magic that made the sleigh fly. However, attention should be drawn to Clarke's third axiom, which says that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Clarke's laws

Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke has made the following three axiomatic predictions, known as "laws," as part of his work:

1. "When a respected but older scientist claims that something is possible, he is part of it Certainty right. If he says something is impossible, he is most likely wrong."

2." The only way to find the limits of what is possible is to push a little beyond the impossible."

3." Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Technological superiority

Although nothing precise is known about the technology of the aircraft, the current state of the art makes it possible to make statements about the possible technology used.

Scientists believe that Santa Claus can convert mass into energy extremely efficiently. In addition to a high-resolution Polarstern navigation system and a necessarily super-luminous communication system, the sledge probably has a stardust drive based on fusion technology.

This type of energy production allows Santa to bend space-time. NASA is attempting to use this drive, which violates Newton's third law, by reverse engineering for space travel. Attempts to adapt the Breaktrough Propulsion Physics Project have so far been unsuccessful.

The NASA Breaktrough Propulsion Physics Project

The reindeer

With the help of potential energy, a sled can easily go downhill. But as soon as he reaches the horizontal, further propulsion is needed to maintain the momentum - or to fly in the case of Santa Claus. Only the stardust fusion drive is not available in the chimney approach phase over inhabited areas for safety reasons. This is where the reindeer come in - the real pacemaker of the sled.

We all know about Rudolf's red nose and the ringing of bells that can be heard on Christmas Eve if you listen carefully. How the technology works is a closely guarded secret of the North Pole. It is known, however, that Rudolf's nose glows red thanks to a tiny “Einstein Rosen Bridge Stimulator”, a long-wave red variant of the Cherenkov radiation.

Diamagnetic levitation

The superconducting metal of the specially shaped "little bell", combined with the Möbius straps, which are attached to the antlers of the reindeer, serves as a deflector shield and sensor arrangement. They help Santa, reindeer and the sled navigate safely from house to house.

The ringing of the bells is indeed the pulsation of the deflector shield, which protects the occupants of the sled from the high-frequency radiation induced by the Doppler effect.

In the experiment, frogs behave like reindeer and hover - but the amphibians are not yet a substitute for super-luminous drive technologies
In the experiment, frogs behave like reindeer and hover - but the amphibians are not yet a substitute for super-luminous drive technologies

The superconductivity of the bells also happens to make the reindeer seem to hover in front of the sleigh. Scientists were able to partially reproduce the technology and at least let frogs levitate in the magnetic field. As a form of drive, however, the amphibians are rather less than ideal - if only because of their less festive character.

Santa Claus - a danger to the public?

Santa Claus (aka Santa Claus, aka Père Noël) has always been suspected of violating various international agreements. The fact that he does not abide by international general aviation rules makes him suspicious in the eyes of the US military. The North Atlantic Defense Command NORAD (at that time still CONAD) has been tracking the illegal, unregistered flight routes of reindeer sleighs by radar since 1955.


Citizens concerned about general security can track the flight route of the object on the website specially set up for this case. So-called “Santa-Cams” are stationed in strategically important positions in the USA in order to document moving pictures of the red sled in the event of an accident. In 2009 alone, 29 such surveillance cameras were active, which underscores the seriousness of the situation.

NORAD tracks Santa

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