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CEO Sirman Leaves Harmonic Drive

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CEO Sirman Leaves Harmonic Drive
CEO Sirman Leaves Harmonic Drive

Video: CEO Sirman Leaves Harmonic Drive

Video: CEO Sirman Leaves Harmonic Drive
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CEO Ekrem Sirman will step down from Harmonic Drive on December 31 this year. Since 2008 he has been the chairman of the board. "We end our cooperation after 14 years in good agreement and mutual respect," explains Akira Nagai, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Harmonic Drive AG. "On behalf of the Supervisory Board and the entire company, I would like to expressly thank Ekrem Sirman for his extraordinary personal commitment and his successful work for the company."

The Supervisory Board intends to announce further information on the succession plan to the Management Board in January. Until then, board member Norimitsu Ito will assume all board activities.

"I leave with a feeling of melancholy, but also with the awareness that I have developed Harmonic Drive AG into an international technology leader in drive technology with a high reputation and valuable employees," explains Sirman. "I would like to thank the Supervisory Board and my colleagues on the Board of Management for their support in forward-looking corporate decisions. I would like to thank the employees for the very good and constructive cooperation with many interesting discussions. This was the only way to bring the company to the top together. I wish you all continued success in the future,”concludes Sirman.

User meeting mechatronic drive technology

The focus of the user meeting Mechatronic Drive Technology is on the mechanical components of gears, clutches and brakes as well as their design, dimensioning and interaction in the overall mechatronic system.

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