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A Nice Mess - Christmas Party In The Office

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A Nice Mess - Christmas Party In The Office
A Nice Mess - Christmas Party In The Office

Video: A Nice Mess - Christmas Party In The Office

Video: A Nice Mess - Christmas Party In The Office
Video: Best of the Christmas Parties - The Office US 2023, December

There are fixed rules of conduct in an office. These apply - in a slightly relaxed form - also to company Christmas parties. Even if the celebration does not take place on the company's own premises. Because even if you get on well with the boss and colleagues, these are usually not good friends, but professional contacts.

Company celebrations are not family celebrations

The tone of conversation is looser than in everyday office life, but you shouldn't spontaneously cheer up or joke around everyone present. Restraint is the measure of all things here. This also applies to alcohol consumption. If you dance on the tables during the Christmas party, you may not be dancing in the front row for long in the company. Alcohol not only makes you dance your leg, it also loosens your tongue. To discuss private problems, a company party is the wrong place - small talk is the order of the day! Another tip: Alcohol not only endangers your career, but possibly also insurance cover. In principle, there is statutory accident insurance through the employer both on the way there and during the company party itself. However, if an accident is due to excessive alcohol consumption, the entitlement is forfeited.

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Networking instead of tweaking

Instead of hanging out at the bar with your favorite colleague all evening and forming a closed unit, try to talk to less familiar colleagues. This testifies to openness, teamwork and communication skills. You also signal interest in your fellow human beings and the company and maybe it turns out that the arrogant colleague next door is very nice, but a little shy. But don't go too far with the rapprochement: It's nice to give nice colleagues a serious compliment. The line between flirting and sexual harassment is narrow, however, and the Christmas party isn't the place to try it out.

Present only when you are present

First of all: Participation in company Christmas parties is optional - nobody can oblige you to do so. However, if there is no illness or similar emergency in the way of your presence, you are well advised to show presence. Because without giving credible reasons, you are quickly considered disinterested, loner or outsider - which is not conducive to your career. In addition, you are only entitled to gifts distributed there if you have been there yourself. In 2012, a judge declared the distribution of iPads to those present as legally permissible. A sick employee who went empty-handed had sued. The justification of the judiciary: "Only those who come can also enjoy what is there."

Take leftovers with you

There is always plenty to eat at Christmas parties - usually too much. So there is nothing wrong with having the remainder wrapped up after the event. But beware! If you put the canapés or skewers in the pocket of a colleague due to a lack of transport options, the right to the goodies is forfeited the next day!

The end of the song

After the celebration, you should thank your boss for the invitation. That shows respect and good manners. Depending on the size of the party, it is best to do this on the same evening, for example when you say goodbye to your manager. If the party is a little bigger, the next day is enough. You should also use it straight away to apologize in case of doubt - for example if you feel that you have not always shown your best side.

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