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How To Deburr Easily And Economically

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How To Deburr Easily And Economically
How To Deburr Easily And Economically

Video: How To Deburr Easily And Economically

Video: How To Deburr Easily And Economically
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In contrast to (electro) chemical and thermal deburring technologies, the particular strengths of brush deburring lie in the easy handling and flexibility of the brushing tool. Basically, the user has a large selection of brush types available, the geometry and fill material of which can be adapted well to the application.

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Depending on whether a grinding or chipping effect is to be achieved, the brush manufacturer Kullen-Koti recommends high-quality brushing tools with abrasive filaments or steel wires. While the abrasive filaments can be matched to the application via the grain type (SiC, AlO, diamond, ceramic, etc.) and different grain sizes, this is done with the wire-tipped brushing tools via the different hardness and diameter of the wires (0.06 mm - 1.2 mm) and their geometry (corrugated, stranded, braided). This gives the user a perfect tool for the mechanical deburring of semi-finished products and components made of soft or hardened steel, stainless steel, hard metal, sintered metal as well as aluminum, copper and many other materials.

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Technical brush systems for the construction industry

In principle, brush deburring is suitable for workpiece weights of a few grams as well as for components weighing several tons and can be used for soft materials as well as for hard materials. Another plus point: the process is independent of the quantity question; it proves to be just as efficient for batch size 1 as it is for large series production. Thanks to the simple tool change and their sometimes very long service life, especially in fully automated applications, technical brushes can be an extremely economical solution. There are no long downtimes and set-up times and special preparation of the brushes for the deburring process is also not necessary. In addition, most deburring brushes can be used both wet and dry.

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