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Optimized RTB Bearings For Machine Tools

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Optimized RTB Bearings For Machine Tools
Optimized RTB Bearings For Machine Tools

Video: Optimized RTB Bearings For Machine Tools

Video: Optimized RTB Bearings For Machine Tools

Bearings Rodriguez now also offers the bidirectional axial-radial cylindrical roller bearings (Rotary Table Bearings, RTB) in an HSA version, which should convince with improved rigidity, a 20% reduced starting and running torque and a speed increase of 20%. According to the company, users also benefit from up to 70% more torque stiffness and load capacity (axial and radial). The program consists of bearings with bore diameters from 200 mm to 580 mm.

"The improvements could be achieved by the manufacturer recalculating the bearings," explains Ulrich Schroth, Business Unit Manager Value Added Products at Rodriguez. “Improved models and new software allow more precise calculations. This is how these stiffness values can be achieved. Tests and developments together with customers also led to new knowledge.”The production process was also optimized with regard to heat treatment. Stricter delivery conditions for raw material procurement should also have a positive impact on the degree of purity and quality of the bearings.

roller bearing

Camps cannot be rationalized away

According to the Rodriguez experts, the high-precision axial-radial cylindrical roller bearings of the RTB series are particularly suitable for the positioning of rotary or rotary tables in machining centers. Due to their tilt-resistant behavior, they meet the high requirements for accuracy, load-bearing capacity and rigidity in machining. The RTB bearings are also available with an integrated angle measuring system (RTB… ABS) especially for use in torque-driven rotary tables. Due to the absolute measurement method, these bearings are robust, temperature-stable and easy to install. The system is also modular, so that it meets all requirements for resolution and precision.

Rodriguez - from roller bearing dealer to manufacturer

Rodriguez GmbH has undergone a clear change in the past 35 years. The Eschweiler site now includes a comprehensive machine park for the areas of linear technology and precision bearings. The proportion of in-house production is currently around 45%.

Since it was founded in 1984, Rodriguez has been a trading company that makes its money by buying and selling American and European rolling bearings - including Kaydon thin-ring bearings, stainless steel polymer housing units, RTB bearings, ball slewing rings and many other products.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Rodriguez added linear technology products to the product portfolio. The starting signal for in-house production in this area was given around the same time and was necessary in order to be more flexible and able to act with regard to customer-specific solutions.

About 10 years ago, the company invested in its own machining centers and also expanded the machine park, so that the machining and manufacturing of bearings became possible. Today, it is possible to manufacture ball slewing rings with outer diameters of up to 1,400 mm or the increasingly popular rotating units with smaller diameters.

Since then, the company has continued to invest in advanced machines. One example is a 3-axis machining center of the Hedelius C80 Magnum type, which has been supplementing Rodriguez's in-house production in the field of linear technology since 2018.

The company's vision: To further expand the vertical range of in-house production in order to be able to respond to customer requests even better and more flexibly.

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