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This Is How UD Tapes Can Be Produced Efficiently

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This Is How UD Tapes Can Be Produced Efficiently
This Is How UD Tapes Can Be Produced Efficiently

Video: This Is How UD Tapes Can Be Produced Efficiently

Video: This Is How UD Tapes Can Be Produced Efficiently
Video: SAMPE Q&A Session 1 | Advanced Design and Analysis 2023, May

How can UD tapes be produced efficiently? How can your connection behavior to injection molding compounds be characterized? Or how can the forming behavior of UD tape-based laminates be simulated? The Institute for Plastics Processing (IKV) at RWTH Aachen is intensively concerned with these questions. The aim is to quantify the influences on subsequent processes and to optimize the end product quality.

Morphological properties are crucial

UD tapes, for example, are integrated directly into injection molding processes. Here they reduce the wall thickness of injection molded components and thus also the material costs. UD tapes are also used in the production of multiaxial fiber-reinforced laminates that conform to the load path and combine low weight with the maximum possible mechanical properties. Such laminates can be shaped three-dimensionally. In the injection molding process, they are provided with functional elements such as ribs or connecting elements. This enables them to achieve a high level of component and functional complexity, as required, for example, for battery housings in the transport sector.

The morphological properties are decisive for the thermomechanical properties of the UD tapes , in particular how porous and homogeneous the fiber distribution is across the cross-section. The UD tapes thus influence the further processing and the properties of the end products. The IKV therefore considers the holistic process in a variety of research activities. By correlating inline sensor data with the UD tape morphology, quality assurance can be integrated into the UD tape production.

Qualify UD tapes for mass production

Furthermore, the scientists developed a forming simulation of UD tape-based laminates, taking into account the local laminate morphology. They examined the influencing factors of the materials used on the connection behavior in the injection molding process for the functionalization of UD tapes or laminates. All of the knowledge gained flows into the structural mechanical design of hybrid components (UD tapes with injection molding functionalization). The overarching goal of the research mentioned is to increase the understanding of the individual processes involved in component properties (costs, weight, mechanical performance) in order to make the best possible use of UD tapes and to qualify them for large-scale production.

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