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These Are The Most Exciting Start-ups At The Hannover Messe

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These Are The Most Exciting Start-ups At The Hannover Messe
These Are The Most Exciting Start-ups At The Hannover Messe

Video: These Are The Most Exciting Start-ups At The Hannover Messe

Video: These Are The Most Exciting Start-ups At The Hannover Messe
Video: Best of HANNOVER MESSE 2019 - #HM19 2023, May

Update: The Hannover Messe 2020 will be postponed to July 13th to 17th due to the corona virus.

The Hannover Messe currently expects around 5,500 exhibitors from all over the world. These include, of course, industry giants and well-known companies - but there are also numerous unknown, new and aspiring start-ups in halls 24 and 25. The Future Hub is reserved for young companies that showcase their innovative products and ideas. We looked at the most interesting start-ups in advance and introduced them.

An overview of all interesting start-ups:

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Metallic Velcro fastener

Start-up: Nanowired

Year of foundation: 2017

Product: Metallic Velcro fastener

Hannover Messe 2020: Hall 24, Stand D22

The metallic Velcro fastener "Velcro Welding Tape" from the start-up Nanowired combines electrical components at room temperature with one another in a thermally and mechanically stable manner. Before that, the electronic components to be connected are specially treated and the surfaces are coated with a metallic “turf” made of the finest nanowires. As with a Velcro fastener, the wires then hook together by simply pressing them together - with the only difference that the connection is permanently strong and extremely electrically and thermally conductive. The start-up was honored with the Hermes Award at the last Hanover Fair.

New connection technology

A "Velcro" for electronics manufacturing

Gripping cushion grips flexibly and freely deformable

Start-up: Formhand Automation

Product: universal gripping cushion

Hannover Messe 2020: Hall 24, Stand C20

The German start-up Formhand Automation specializes in grippers that can grip various components flexibly using a kind of cushion and with the help of negative pressure. In the pillow itself is a granulate filling that can adapt to the shape required. This means that three operating states are possible: It can be completely freely deformable, completely solid and in a state in which it can be deformed but saves the current shape. The gripper cushion automatically adapts to the various contours of the goods to be gripped. The new gripper is particularly suitable for sensitive, flaccid and hot objects.

Recognize the environment using echolocation

Start-up: Toposens

Year of foundation: 2015

Product: 3D ultrasonic sensors

Hannover Messe 2020: Hall 25, Stand C26

The start-up Toposens from Munich claims to have developed the world's first 3D ultrasonic sensor for emerging technologies such as robotics and autonomous driving. The sensors are based on the navigation principle of the bat and can perceive their surroundings in real time and 3D using echolocation. In contrast to 3D cameras and 3D laser systems, the sensors are small, light and require little energy. The sensor is used in autonomous driving for precise environment detection and collision avoidance in mobile robots.

A haptic glove for virtual reality

Start-up: Sense Glove

Year of foundation: 2016

Product: Sense Glove

Hannover Messe 2020: Hall 24, Stand A40

The sense glove of the start-up of the same name makes it possible to perceive the surroundings with your hands in augmented and virtual reality applications. This works by connecting all fingers in the glove to haptic drives that can act on each finger with up to 1.8 kg of force. It can be used to recreate the feel of soft and hard materials. In addition, the glove can track every Figner movement and thus enable gesture control. This enables, for example, realistic virtual reality training or augmented simulation.

Smart monitoring via remote control

Start-up: Orchestra

Year of foundation: 2016

Product: Smart Edge 4.0

Hannover Messe 2020: Hall 24, Stand G39

Orchestra specializes in Industry 4.0 solutions and products for remote control of machines and systems. With Smart Edge 4.0 - a plug & play electronic board - new and existing machines can be connected with several industrial protocols and I / Os. The board calculates the data of the PLC and the electrical contacts of the machines and then sends them to the cloud. It is advantageous that the Smart Edge 4.0 should not require any programming knowledge. At the trade fair, the start-up is showing version 2.0 of the board, which is now available with extended data processing, storage and communication functions and supports, among other things, augmented reality.

Precise real-time localization for more safety

Start-up: Ubudu

Year of foundation: 2011

Product: Ubudu Location Engine & Location Devices

Hannover Messe 2020: Hall 24, Stand E35

Ubudu shows solutions for precise real-time localization for indoor use at the Hanover Fair. The geolocation data is generated using UWB (Ultra-wide-band) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technologies in combination with tag devices or smartphones that interact with fixed anchor devices. With this data, the company enables indoor navigation that enables the tracking of devices and people in the buildings. Applications of the localization solution can be in the area of safety, asset tracking or flow analytics.

Monitor the entire factory wirelessly

Start-up: Iqunet

Year of foundation: 2015

Product: Wireless sensor solutions

Hannover Messe 2020: Hall 16, Stand E18 (7)

Belgian hi-tech start-up Iqunet develops wireless sensor solutions that address the limits of wireless battery-powered sensor networks in industry and buildings. The sensors can be used in various areas such as maintenance and building automation and are primarily intended for the monitoring of uncritical devices, which was previously too expensive and complex. The Easy-Fit sensors measure physical machine parameters such as bearing vibration, temperature, proximity, rotation, humidity, inclination and more.

An overview of all interesting start-ups:

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Photo gallery with 13 pictures

Measure air quality quickly and easily

Start-up: Aurair

Product: Aurair meter for measuring air quality

Hannover Messe 2020: Hall 24, Stand B35

The air quality in rooms can be monitored using the Aurair-Meter from the Dutch start-up Aurair. The device is suitable for offices, meeting rooms as well as for private use. The Aurair Meter measures the CO2 content of the air and the air humidity, which according to the start-up was previously only possible with expensive and complex devices. The device is easy to install via plug & play and can be connected to the smartphone to check the air quality regardless of location.

System kit for individual IoT sensors

Start-up: Bitmotec

Product: Industrial IoT sensors

Hannover Messe 2020: Hall 24, Stand C26

The high-tech start-up Bitmotec offers an industrial IoT system kit with various types of IoT sensors for industry. The sensors can be combined with one another in order to combine them into an individual overall system and to map each individual application. The following can be measured, for example: power consumption, vibration, temperature and air humidity. The sensors can also be combined with VR and AR applications.

Metal 3D printing as a service

Start-up: Metal Technics 3D

Product: Service provider for 3D metal printing

Hannover Messe 2020: Hall 24, Stand D20

Metal Technics 3D is a service provider for 3D metal printing and supports companies in finding the right 3D printing solution for their application. The start-up specializes in particularly small, complex parts that require extremely high accuracy. The company offers five different materials for printing: stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, Inconel and M789.


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Weed with the robot

Start-up: Odd Bot

Product: Weed Wacker weeding robot

Hannover Messe 2020: Hall 24, Stand C39

The "Weed Wacker" of the start-up Odd Bot is a weed-lifting robot. Instead of using pesticides, farmers can have weeds and grasses removed from their fields without the use of chemicals, and even save time. The start-up sees the potential to be able to save over 170,000 liters of pesticides in the next seven years with its robot-as-a-service model.

Measuring device for the smartphone

Start-up: Pokitmeter Innovations

Product: Pokit Pro

Hannover Messe 2020: Hall 24, Stand G27

Pokit Pro, developed by the Australian start-up Pokitmeter Innovations, is a multimeter, oscilloscope and logger that can be connected directly to a smartphone and measures various parameters there. Measured variables include voltage, current, resistance and temperature as well as continuity and diode testing. The measuring device is intended for electronics and automotive applications as well as for household electronics.

With just a few clicks for risk assessment

Start-up: ROE

Year of foundation: 2015

Product: ROE Risk Check

Hannover Messe 2020: Hall 24, Stand F26

The start-up ROE specializes in consulting services on the subject of operational security. The ROE Risk Check helps you create risk assessments that are often complicated and time-consuming. The program makes it possible to create a risk assessment with just a few clicks on the basis of the risk and measure catalog from the "Guide to risk assessment" of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

An overview of all interesting start-ups:

Picture gallery

Photo gallery with 13 pictures

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