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That's Why Digitization Simplifies Collaboration

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That's Why Digitization Simplifies Collaboration
That's Why Digitization Simplifies Collaboration

Video: That's Why Digitization Simplifies Collaboration

Video: That's Why Digitization Simplifies Collaboration
Video: Digitization, Digitalization, Digital Transformation, and Informatization 2023, May

One of the biggest advantages of digitization is the way it improves collaboration. Whether between people who sit next to each other, in the same room, on a different floor or even in different countries: By creating, accessing and exchanging content yourself, new, simplified forms of collaboration arise. Projects that are coordinated and worked on across national borders with international colleagues or partners have long since become a reality. The following is intended to deal with the possibilities with which digitization makes cooperation easier and more efficient. Among them is Digital Engineering, which is an example that looks into the future of mechanical engineering. Experience on March 18th. in the live webinar digital engineering in practice!

Overcome boundaries with collaborative tools

When it comes to simplifying collaboration through digitization, the term “collaboration tools” is quick. This is helpful as a generic term, but no fixed definition has been established so far. This includes any software that enables teams to coordinate even better with each other or with customers and partners and to optimize workflows. This is usually software as a service, so users can access the software in the cloud on any device. Accordingly, collaboration tools are inextricably linked to the triumph of the home office. Working anywhere is more relevant than ever in times of globalization, virtual teams and the very latest in the Corona virus. The range of collaboration tools is correspondingly extensive. We therefore limit ourselves here to the presentation of functions that make up individual services or - in the case of comprehensive tools - are components among many.

It is essential to share and edit files, as offered by Google's cloud services, for example. Project management tools go far beyond the mere setting and management of tasks: comment and upload functions make it possible to handle almost all communication about a project using the respective collaboration tool. Due to the constant spread of agile project management (also in mechanical engineering), numerous tools can be found that are specially tailored to it. Chat functions do not only make sense for international collaborations: they save you from having to walk through the hallway and ensure less noise even in the same room. A feature that in a film like "Blade Runner" (1982) still looked like a pure vision of the future,is now naturally available in comprehensive collaboration tools: video telephony. Is it more worthwhile to use a comprehensive tool or a combination of different small solutions? This question is different for every company.

Digitization also means better collaboration in mechanical engineering

It looks clearer for designers: digital engineering is a clear example of the use of cloud computing in mechanical engineering. For the construction with item products in the item engineering tool, a web browser and an internet-enabled device are therefore sufficient. Thanks to project numbers that are unique worldwide, designs can be shared and edited together around the world. It is also possible that the sales department outlines a new project directly when visiting the customer and then forwards it to the colleague from the design department. Since collaboration tools often offer the option of sharing your own screen with other participants, web meetings and collaborative work go hand in hand: what was just discussed together,can be processed directly in the item engineering tool thanks to the project number.

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Continuing education has never been easier

But it is not just direct collaboration that is receiving new impulses from digitization. Although a specialization in IT is generally not (yet) required for designers, basic IT knowledge is now part of their armament: Without exaggeration, it can be said that lifelong learning has never been more important than it is today. Companies are therefore obliged to empower their employees. Own wikis and glossaries or file collections in the cloud can help to dismantle knowledge silos and facilitate communication between different departments. It also makes it easier for new employees to familiarize themselves with it. Since the know-how there is visible to everyone and can be edited by everyone, it can easily be kept up to date.

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