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Color In The IT Office

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Color In The IT Office
Color In The IT Office

Video: Color In The IT Office

Video: Color In The IT Office
Video: What Color To Paint Your Office For Maximum Productivity 2023, November

The color concept for a software company shows what the right color design can achieve in the workplace.

Are you one of them? Around 18 million people work in offices in the Federal Republic - often eight hours or more. So it doesn't matter what the rooms look like. Mostly only value is placed on their expediency, but not on their charisma. However, studies have shown that a well-lit workplace that is upgraded by colors can have a positive impact on the willingness to perform and even the health of employees. Those who feel comfortable in their environment enjoy their work more.

The software company "GreenGate", which was awarded the TOP 100 seal for its innovative strength, thirst for knowledge and team spirit, commissioned the Caparol ColorDesignStudio to develop a color concept for the growing IT company. At the management's request, the offices of its 22 employees were to be redesigned using a balanced combination of materials and colors. The exterior facade also had to be included in the design.

Founded fifteen years ago, “GreenGate” is now one of the 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. The company headquarters in Windeck an der Sieg is idyllically surrounded by greenery and consists of two parts of the building: a former Protestant rectory with a homely character and a representative two-storey new building. Architect Heinz Jürgen Schneider has successfully combined old and new buildings inside and out. Both houses are connected by a small intermediate building with a staircase - here is the central entrance area.

In keeping with the company name, an earthy, yellowish green was chosen for the building entrance, which contrasts with the lush green of the surroundings and yet corresponds well with it. Otherwise, the facade is reserved in shades of beige and gray, which are reminiscent of stone colors and integrate the office building into the existing townscape. Nature is also present in the interior of the “GreenGate” building: the large windows provide a view of trees, parkland and the river. This view should also be taken into account when designing the interior.

The right concept

Before Margit Vollmert and Eva Häckel from the FarbDesignStudio developed the color concept, they decided together with the management - Martin Gerwens, Frank Lagemann and Christiane Lagemann - the basic design direction. Questions had to be answered: How does the company want to present itself? What distinguishes it from other software companies? How are the offices divided? What kind of offices are there? How long do the employees stay there? And what color spectrum would be suitable for this? First approaches specifically to the last question provided knowledge from the project study "Color and Emotion", which was developed in cooperation with the University of Applied Science and Art in Hildesheim, IIT (International Institute Trendscouting). The answer to the questionWhich emotions are triggered by colors is differentiated. Each color can be assigned a feeling tendency, but ultimately its saturation (intensity), brightness and the combination with other colors decide how they affect us: rather pleasant or uncomfortable, relaxing or activating.

In addition to the color effect, the room function and length of stay have a significant influence on the choice of color and the color combinations. Visual habits also play a role: dark colors are more likely to be expected on the floor, they provide visual support, light blue widens the room, while warm, intense colors tend to come to the fore. These findings, the wishes of the clients and the materials already specified, such as oak, parquet floors and gray tiles, formed the basis for the design.

Three functional areas

Based on the location and architecture, the selected color spectrum consists of natural-looking color nuances: sand tones have been combined with accented areas in red, green and many shades of blue. The color accents were chosen so that there are always exciting perspectives. There are three functional areas in the design: concentrated work, discussion / communication and relaxation / distraction.

Old and new buildings are visually united by the same basic color. The main color is reminiscent of sand or light stones, it is perceived as white, but is softer and warmer. Immediately behind the front door, the hallway covered with dark red linoleum is reminiscent of a “red carpet” for the celebrities. The rich wine red is reflected on the light wall surfaces and gives the hallway a warm character. Small spaces with seating invite you to linger on the corridor axis. These communicative anchor points are highlighted with a lively bright red.

Quiet room mood

In the office where work is concentrated, the field of vision should neither be too monotonous nor too restless or distracting. Blue in many shades, combined with the sand tones and warm wood, creates a calm, but not monotonous atmosphere in the offices. Accent surfaces such as mustard yellow and turquoise form a contrast.

The bright conference room is characterized by an accent wall with special surface technology. A gray-blue spatula technique creates a complex, lively impression.

Relaxation is also part of the world of work. In the kitchen, which is also used as a lounge, a strong yellow-green refreshes the senses.

The differently designed room atmospheres convincingly meet the ideas of the "GreenGate" team. They fit the company image, the natural environment and the design motto "stimulate but not upset". This is how you can work.

Color in the IT office A mini-avenue leads to the tundra-green entrance area of the IT company "GreenGate". It connects the former old rectory (right) with the representative new building. Color in the IT office Red tones have an invigorating and stimulating effect: “Green Gate” managing director Frank Lagemann and his wife Christiane discuss the color concept for the offices with Eva Häckel from the Caparol color design studio (right). Color in the IT office A red corridor connects the old building with the new building. The light walls seem to be warmly illuminated. But that's just a welcome reflection of the floor. Color in the IT office Standing tables in the hall invite the employees. Lively discussions, in which good ideas arise, are welcome and should be supported by the choice of colors. Color in the IT office Stimulate, but not upset: This workplace is a balanced mix of calm and invigorating colors. Color in the IT office The gray-blue wall in the conference room has a refined spatula structure. An accent wall shimmers through the right glass door.

practice plus

Object: GreenGate AG office building, Alte Brücke 6, 51570 Windeck

Client: GreenGate AG Martin Gerwens, Frank Lagemann

Architect: Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Jürgen Schneider

Caparol field service: Martin Steffens, [email protected] Fabricator

: Lierfeld GmbH & Co. KG, 51570 Windeck Color

concept: Caparol FarbDesignStudio, Margit Vollmert (Head of ColorDesignStudio), Eva Häckel


Facade: ETICS System Pro mineral, Amphisilan NQG, stairwell (Tundra 125) Muresko SilaCryl

color shades: Tundra 125, Tundra 20, Jade 25, Palazzo 80, Jura 20 base

Interior: Capadecor multi-structure fine, Capadecor Arte Twin, CapaMaXX

colors: Palazzo 30 (main wall color), Palazzo 50, Palazzo 45, Palazzo 85, Patina 15, Verona 90, Pacific 45, Pacific 65, Lago 25, Lazur 70, Tundra 125, Tundra 130, Melisse 80, Grenadin 100, Capadecor Arte Twin in Pacific 15 and Coelin 35


Petra Neumann-Prystaj Photos: Caparol / Martin Duckek