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Color Fans. PPG Voice Of Color - Good Design Made Easy

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Color Fans. PPG Voice Of Color - Good Design Made Easy
Color Fans. PPG Voice Of Color - Good Design Made Easy

Video: Color Fans. PPG Voice Of Color - Good Design Made Easy

Video: Color Fans. PPG Voice Of Color - Good Design Made Easy
Video: PPG® Color & Design Trends Forecasting Process 2023, April

Many customers want their painter to have a stylish and innovative color scheme for their rooms. With the new "Voice of Color" color fan from PPG for paints and varnishes from the brands SIGMA and GORI, painters can quickly find the perfect triad of main, secondary and accent color.

According to the 60–30–10 principle, three colors should be combined on all visible surfaces in the room, including furniture, accessories and textiles. The main color, which should be found on 60% of all surfaces, determines the basic mood in the room. With a matching secondary color, 30% of the visible surfaces, eg a single wall, are painted. A room is given the finishing touch by the cleverly chosen accent color, which with a maximum of 10% has a subtle but essential influence on the sophistication of the design.

Over 2,000 tones

The painter will find over 2,000 tones in five large, thematic collections and nine trend-oriented "HARMONY" collections in the new "Voice of Color" color fan for paints and varnishes from SIGMA and glazes and wood colors from GORI. These show extraordinary color worlds that appeal to people with different interests and desires about their living environment. The “Voice of Color” color fan makes it easy for consumers to find themselves in one of the collections and to work with the painter to find out what kind of room design they like.

60% main color: Well started - half won

While a light color from the upper area of the color stripes in the "Voice of Color" color fan makes a room appear rather calm and reserved, the more intense, strong tones in the lower spectrum of the color stripes provide a striking spatial impression that, depending on the color, appears elegant or dramatic can.

30% secondary color: medium tones - full effect

Either monochrome or polychrome can be used to select the secondary color. For a monochrome color concept, the secondary color is chosen from the same color strip as the main color. For a polychrome color concept, the secondary color is selected from one of the other color strips.

10% accent color: finely seasoned - pure pleasure

If the decision was made for a light main color, a dark, intensive accent color gives the room the finishing touch. On the other hand, if the main color is powerful and intense, a bright accent color ensures a good balance in the room.

This brochure on the new PPG “Voice of Color” color classification system shows numerous design examples that were created according to the 60–30–10 principle. It can be obtained from the PPG field service.

PPG Global Color Workshop

The so-called PPG Global Color Workshop takes place every year. This workshop brings together more than 20 PPG color designers each year who research current trends for the automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace and construction industries. In the context of the workshop, they will be discussing changes in lifestyle, demography and ecology against the background of the latest studies in order to understand what influences how and how people behave and experience worldwide. At the end of the workshop there is a choice of a color tone that provides an answer to global social developments. In 2019 this was the green shade "Quiet Clearing". In 2020, the experts see the blue shade "Chinese Porcellain" in trend.

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