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Color And Fashion Icons

Color And Fashion Icons
Color And Fashion Icons

Video: Color And Fashion Icons

Video: Color And Fashion Icons
Video: 10 *TIMELESS* Style Tips from FASHION ICONS! 2023, November

Caparol Icons supports the exhibition “Jil Sander. Present in the Museum of Applied Arts Frankfurt.

Jil Sander is considered one of the most influential personalities in the fashion world. Her puristic, timeless designs earned her the title “Queen of less” and made her internationally known and successful. The German designer can now be seen with her world's first solo exhibition at the Frankfurt Museum of Applied Art: from November 4, 2017 to May 6, 2018, a show by and about Jil Sander will occupy the entire area of the Richard-Meier building.

In the exhibition, which is curated by museum director Matthias Wagner K in close coordination with the designer, "Jil Sander presents the effects of her design attitude on aesthetics, material and form of fashion and product design, architecture and garden art in expansive multimedia installations and tableaus", it says in the announcement of the museum.

Above all, it is an unconditional modernity that distinguishes this design attitude. Already in the 1970s, when Jil Sander first launched self-designed garments on the market, she established aesthetics with clear cuts and high-quality materials that were far ahead of their time. The high standards of timelessness, aesthetics and quality remained her trademark - and still are today.

This claim connects the fashion icon Jil Sander with the traditional house Caparol. The leading German manufacturer supports the exhibition at the Museum Angewandte Kunst with its new luxury color collection Caparol Icons.

The nuances used in the exhibition were selected jointly by Matthias Wagner K and Jil Sander:

  • NO 65 SKATER

“The traditional German company Caparol has been supporting our exhibition for many years. We are all the happier that we were able to win the new luxury color collection Caparol Icons for this unique exhibition by and about Jil Sander. The classic elegance of the color icons perfectly matches the aesthetics of the exhibition. We were very happy to work with the Caparol Icons team,”says museum director and curator Matthias Wagner K.

The color icons are elegant classics for modern living with color. They claim to be timeless, stylish and easy to combine - just like the clothes from Jil Sander. “Just like colors, fashion is always an expression of the zeitgeist. Jil Sander has shaped this zeitgeist in the past few decades like hardly anyone else. So it was only natural that Caparol Icons supported the first solo exhibition of the fashion icon,”explains Annika Murjahn the motivation behind the cooperation.

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