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Caparol Icons Color Icons
Caparol Icons Color Icons

Video: Caparol Icons Color Icons

Video: Caparol Icons Color Icons

CAPAROL ICONS is a unique color collection of interior colors for sophisticated interiors. 120 specially curated nuances cite iconic moments from six decades of color history. At the same time, the colors of CAPAROL ICONS set new standards with a specially developed, innovative recipe: Particularly highly pigmented, they impress with their extraordinary depth of color and an evenly matt and uniquely velvety surface that gives rooms a very special effect. "Our family company has been writing the history of color culture for over 120 years - we are re-telling it with CAPAROL ICONS", project manager Annika Murjahn defines the claim of the new collection.

Luxury colors for the highest demands

CAPAROL ICONS is a balanced, modern collection of shades that ranges from powdery, elegant nuances to brilliantly modern and classic tones. These can be combined with each other in a versatile and simple way - whether harmonious or rich in contrast - and thus meet the needs of different living styles and lighting conditions. The range includes high-quality interior paints and interior lacquers as well as a perfectly matched primer system.

The innovative recipe from Caparol Icons

The colors are based on an innovative recipe that the Caparol research and development team formulated specifically for the collection: their intense luminosity comes from a particularly high pigment content, which is up to 100 percent higher than that of conventional colors. In addition, the water-based formulation of the interior paints is not only odorless, but also does not require any solvents or plasticizers - and is therefore even suitable for children's toys. Like all Caparol products, the colors of the CAPAROL ICONS collection are sustainably produced in Germany according to the highest environmental standards. Since the successful introduction of these high-end interior paints for the highest demands, a large number of extraordinary objects have been created.

NO 36 PETTICOAT Effective floral white in a subtle pink tone. Makes rooms shine. Mostly in delicate rosé nuances - the cult petticoat is directly connected with the creation of rock 'n' roll.

NO 114 HYSTERIA Elegant, intense light red - ideal for staging art. Screeching fans and the groupie movement of the 60s inspired this pulsating tone.

NO 20 AFRO Slightly veiled coffee brown. Conveys security and elegance. The afro look was the iconic hairstyle of the 70s and was considered an expression of freedom and individuality. Discodives, musicals and the black power movement made afro a global phenomenon.

NO 13 SEA OF TRANQUILITY Velvety gray with some red pigment. Mare Tranquillitatis is the lunar crater with the coordinates 8 ° North, 31 ° East, average diameter 875 km, on which the legendary Apollo 11 space mission landed in 1969.

NO 83 QUEEN GREEN cannabis green. Makes surfaces smooth and smooth. Inspired by the shade of Queen Green, the legal marijuana strain that is said to make you particularly happy.

NO 55 DENIM Dark indigo, timeless and suitable for everything, like jeans. NO 55 celebrates the iconic blue color of the denim fabric. In the 00s, jeans became a universally salable garment: they are the epitome of timeless nonchalance.

NO 60 ODE TO JOY Luminous, brilliant lapis lazuli blue with a particularly high pigment content. Inspired by the blue of the European flag and the European anthem "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven's 9th Symphony, which is an expression of freedom, peace and solidarity. In the 00s, twelve countries were admitted to the EU.

Further CAPAROL ICONS references at www.caparol-icons.de/Magazin/Referenzen.