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Bright And Harmonious In Color

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Bright And Harmonious In Color
Bright And Harmonious In Color

Video: Bright And Harmonious In Color

Video: Bright And Harmonious In Color
Video: Colour Harmony - 10 Minutes To Better Painting - Episode 5 2023, November

The church of St. Walburga in Groß-Gerau in Hesse plays an important role in the life of master painter and painter Joachim Scheffczyk. Here his children were baptized. Now he has renovated the church.

Author: Petra Neumann-Prystaj | Photos: Caparol Farben Lacke Bautenschutz / Alexandra Lechner

When Scheffczyk was commissioned to modernize "his" church - first from the outside, then from the inside - he felt this was a special distinction. After 1957, little was invested in maintaining the structure. Cracks appeared in particular on the outer wall of the church tower, which had probably been reinforced by the vibrations of the bells in the church tower. Because of the leaky roof, the wooden ceiling in the nave was damaged by moisture. A complete renewal was overdue. Master painter Scheffczyk cleaned the outer facade and leveled all cracks twice with a coating fleece, which was then finely plastered and filled. This was followed by two coats of paint with the dirt, fungus and algae repellent Thermosan facade paint. The wooden paneling on the sound holes on the bell tower had to be replaced in places and the entire paneling and all doors had to be repainted.

Interior renovation

After completing the elaborate facade work, the interior was subjected to a critical inspection. The walls in the nave were heavily soiled by soot. The existing yellow-brown color atmosphere appeared heavy and unsettling, the positive, cheerful spirit was missing. The task of giving St. Walburga a modern, appealing character was solved by Dipl.-Des. Martina Lehmann from the Caparol color design studio with a color concept based on the artistic glass mosaic windows. Shades of red, yellow and blue as well as beige and brown are used in the colored glazing, which creates an atmospheric room atmosphere, especially when exposed to sunlight. It was immediately clear to me that we would take up the existing color potential from the mosaics and create a new relationship with the room - with the aim ofto make the mood appear brighter, fresher, more holistic overall,”says Lehmann. The walls are now much brighter; the veiled shade of yellow is reminiscent of sun and sand. Lehmann was happy to take up a suggestion from the planner and pastor Norbert Kissel: “When we look up, we see the sky. So let's make the blanket blue,”recommended Raab. So it happened.

Ceiling painting

The painter began cleaning the wooden ceiling on a scaffold that spanned the entire church. Then he coated them twice with a barrier primer, which ensures that the wood contents remain bound and do not discolor the subsequent painting. A polyurethane-acrylic paint was applied as a top coat by spraying. "This water-based paint is particularly suitable for sensitive living and living areas," emphasizes Bernhard Linck, an expert in paints and glazes at Caparol. With light blue 3D Arctis 70, Scheffczyk transformed the ceiling into a - cloudless - sky. He refined the decorative ceiling moldings with dark blue 3D Pacific 130 and gold accents. Previously, the roof had been re-covered with rear ventilation and a breathable membrane,so that the wooden ceiling is protected from water damage in the future.

The previously unobtrusive supports in the church interior now correspond not only in color to the glass mosaics, but also to the red carpet runner. He directs the eyes to the cross and the altar. Stone floors, brass elements and furniture fit comfortably into the new color concept.

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Products used

  • FibroSil
  • Capadur universal glaze
  • Capacryl Holz-IsoGrund
  • CapaGold
  • Capacryl PU Satin

Painter Joachim Scheffczyk

The walls are now

clearly brighter