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Warm, Harmonious, Tone-on-tone: The Caparol Color Trends

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Warm, Harmonious, Tone-on-tone: The Caparol Color Trends
Warm, Harmonious, Tone-on-tone: The Caparol Color Trends

Video: Warm, Harmonious, Tone-on-tone: The Caparol Color Trends

Video: Warm, Harmonious, Tone-on-tone: The Caparol Color Trends
Video: Trend: tone-on-tone 2023, April

The Caparol color scouts again identified new color trends in 2019. The color moods in the interior become warmer, at the same time more harmonious and surprising with their tone-on-tone character. Red, orange and apricot play an important role this year. The three developed color worlds can be found in the project book Caparol UNIKAT # 3

The color trends of the past few years from the cool green / blue area will take a back seat in 2019. In the future, warm and diverse nuances from the red universe will dominate the picture. It is by no means about aggressive, pushy and dominant red, but about powerful but light-looking tones that combine harmoniously with other colors

Trend color of the year

After extensive research and analysis, the Caparol ColorDesignStudio identified a very special shade as the trend color of the year: the “sorbet red”. It is a red that shows a summer character, appears optimistic and at the same time exudes spontaneity. It also stands for an approach that prefers emotionality and intuition instead of rational consideration in color design. "Sorbet red triggers many positive associations and conveys something we call gut feeling," says Sybille Abel from the team of color scouts. Andrea Girgzdies from Caparol FarbDesignStudio adds: "We want to give courage to dare more color". In the 3D system from Caparol this clay can be found under its other name "Grenadin 130".

Color meets bicycle

With UNIKAT # 2 the Dachshund was something like the equivalent of the color worlds last year, this role will be taken over by the bicycle in 2019. The tried and tested means of transportation is dynamic, has a great future and is full of individuality. There has never been such a wide variety of bicycles as today - muscle-powered, electrically supported, foldable, all-terrain, load-bearing and family-friendly. The bike offers exciting transportation, fun and emotional added value. All these aspects can also be found in the vibrant color worlds 2019.

The bike appears in all media that Caparol has put together especially for the 2019 color trends. On the one hand there is the traditional trend book, which is also a note, advice and inspiration tool - graphically high quality and attractively designed. In addition, there is the exclusive color fan with full-page color sheets for specific design and advice.

On the Caparol website under the navigation point "Inspiration" you will find further information, background information and suggestions related to the topic of trend. The free “Spectrum_Mobile App” has also been expanded to include the latest trend colors, with which design ideas can be visualized effectively and offer the customer a reliable basis for decision-making.

Here are the three color worlds

view in the future

2020 is still a long way off - at first glance. Because when it comes to determining trends, the motto “After the trend is before the trend” applies. The team around Sybille Abel is already working on the next trend study - together with the Institute International Trendscouting, which is located at the university in Hildesheim and again provides valuable input. 2020 is coming - which colors accompany it is not yet clear. "In any case, it won't be black," said Andrea Girgzdies with a smile.

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