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Manufacturing Process

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Manufacturing Process
Manufacturing Process

Video: Manufacturing Process

Video: Manufacturing Process
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As the world's population and living standards increase, our limited resources become more and more precious. It is therefore sensible and forward-looking to reduce the use of fossil raw materials such as oil and natural gas in our products. With CapaGeo products, fossil raw materials are gradually being replaced by renewable raw materials.

Save precious resources

Sustainability has become a key word of our time. But as complex as the content is, it is difficult to find concrete solutions.

In a continuous development process, Caparol expands the use of renewable raw materials without sacrificing quality in order to conserve valuable and limited resources. In principle, it is sensible to reduce the use of finite, fossil raw materials such as oil and natural gas.

The CapaGeo mass balance procedure

In addition to the direct use of renewable raw materials in the manufacturing process at Caparol, there is now a new way of the mass balance process for the CapaGeo interior paints. Instead of fossil resources, biomass is used as a raw material for binders right at the beginning of the value chain. This biomass is then quantitatively assigned to the CapaGeo interior colors. The mass balance is balanced. This process has the great advantage of using renewable raw materials in the existing and very efficient production network. It is energy efficient and affordable. Thanks to intensive development work, this means for the CapaGeo interior paints:

In the manufacture of the binder, the required raw materials are replaced 100 percent by renewable raw materials (mass balance method).

So anyone who buys a mass-balanced CapaGeo product actively ensures that Caparol exchanges the corresponding amounts of fossil fuels with renewable raw materials. The mass balance procedure was developed with TÜV SÜD and certified for the corresponding production locations.