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Living In Old Age

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Living In Old Age
Living In Old Age

Video: Living In Old Age

Video: Living In Old Age
Video: Living in Russia: Old age (5/6) | Free Full DW Documentary 2023, November

Color design on the topic of "living in old age". What do these color worlds have to do with Mallorca?

Color worlds for people with visual impairments and / or cognitive impairments were developed on the basis of scientific knowledge and above all the experience gained from the practice of care for the elderly.

It has been four years since the successful design tool "Living Spaces" was presented jointly by Caparol Color Design Studio and the flooring manufacturer Forbo. It is specifically about color concepts on the topic of "living in old age". Color designer Andrea Girgzdies: "Natural landscapes as" places of well-being and memories "were the starting point for the development of five atmospheric color worlds and their color harmonies:" summer freshness "," rose garden "," sea breeze "," countryside "," spring meadow ". With "Habitats goes Mallorca" we go one step further: Traveling is one of the most beautiful memories for many people. And these atmospheric memories can serve as reference points for creating emotionally appealing living concepts. It's always worth taking a look outside the box and trying out new things. That is why you go on a journey and look for experiences that stand out from the habits of everyday life.”This way, the memory of Mallorca will also become a“retreat”at home, where you can recharge your batteries and feel good.

Reinterpret color worlds

The natural associations of the five “color world habitats” can be adapted to specific regions and landscapes. In order to describe a Mediterranean lifestyle, a small selection of color tones from the color worlds was newly compiled and combined for the Altenpflege 2017 trade fair in Nuremberg. This is how the living space color concepts go “on vacation” - to Mallorca. The blue sky, the warmth of the sun, red rocks and the shimmering in the water have inspired a relaxing color mood. Natural Mallorcan color tones were created, which are combined with suitable surfaces and materials. Harmonious accessories and attractive landscapes also take up aspects of experiencing nature and complement the color selection to create a balanced whole. The nature of Mallorca, like the other four color moods, brings excitement and relaxation to everyday life.

Color design in old age

This is of great importance for people with dementia. Since common orientation systems are “forgotten”, the interior design can take on an orienting function. Vibrant colors can guide and color contrasts clearly differentiate objects, furniture and room elements. In this way, people with impaired vision and dementia are encouraged to become independent and their sense of security and well-being is strengthened. “Visual accessibility” is just as relevant in every care facility and every living environment as the generally known regulations on accessibility. Increased brightness contrasts play an important role for better orientation and should therefore always be integrated into a homely overall concept. A room concept works above all through its atmosphere. And especially in old age, living spaces should convey familiarity, but also arouse interest and curiosity.

Competent partners

Beyond the five existing color worlds, different needs can be met. "Every building project is different, and practical experience shows that a holistic interior design should correspond to that individually," says Girgzdies.

Holistic solutions

The living spaces color concepts offer practical, holistic solutions for cross-disciplinary planning. In this way, living spaces become more livable. And of course: beautiful environments improve the quality of life of everyone involved - in everyday care or at home - and contribute to their well-being.

practice plus

In practice, competent partners are essential, especially for larger properties. Caparol and Forbo support the skilled tradesman from project start to completion. In addition, with the "Spectrum" visualization software developed by Caparol, all floor collections and wall colors can be digitally tried out and displayed in different room images:


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