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Color Trends
Color Trends

Video: Color Trends

Video: Color Trends
Video: Цвет Тенденции осень / зима 2018-2019 2023, November

The Dachshund, the forest and the green - the Caparol interior trends 2018 immerse you in the tranquility of a walk in the forest.

Forest green! Dark, calming but somehow mysterious. The color scouts from Caparol have made it the color of the year 2018 - it is the focus of the four nuanced color worlds with a total of 32 tones. Because a trend color rarely comes alone.

The shades of green of 2018 are muted and saturated, not as spring-like and happy as the may green that has been so popular for a long time. The deep forest green, center of the Caparol trend colors 2018, is rather serious, profound, conveys stability and permanence - exactly those values that the current trend towards home represents in terms of security and manageability. Many shades of blue are still in the collection and, like the subdued gray and mauve tones, combine harmoniously with the different shades of green.

Why forest green?

Contrary to the widespread assumption that trends are “made”, these are socio-cultural shifts in well-being on a broad social level. These in turn are reactions to megatrends that the individual cannot influence directly. Currently, climate change, digitization and virtualization, advancing globalization, but also the emergence of new conflicts can be mentioned here. The complexity and the high pace of these changes lead to great uncertainty - which results in the desire for clarity, for balance and the personal connection to the immediate environment. The renewed love for your own garden, if necessary placed in the middle of the city, the search for regional food suppliers or the rediscovery of the forest as a companion of mindfulness,sensory perception and energy source - all this can be described with the term "home". A homeland that in no way serves exclusion in the sense of certain political groups, but is supported by positive, cosmopolitan emotions. And what would fit better than forest green, more precisely "Patina 40"?

Four color worlds with a mix option

Forest green, rose and brass form the central nuances of the first color world. The color mood is reminiscent of the sensations that the walk through the forest creates, combined with surprisingly accentuating shades of rose and red. A noble Messington rounds off the harmony.

The world of colors 2 is more pastel, soft and colorful, whereby delicate yellow and light violet create a lively, but clear, serious mood. What is interesting here is the changeable mauve gray "Cameo 10", which takes on different characters depending on the neighboring colors and light.

Color world 3 shows itself with Nordic clarity, freshness and conciseness. Intense shades of blue from the previous year can be found here, but here too the shift to more green is noticeable. The cool rosé "Flamenco 85" is important, which, through the combination with the other dark tones, ensures openness and modernity.

The world of colors 4 reflects calm and elegance with berry tones, olive and midnight blue. Connoisseurs rediscover two tones from the previous year's trend panel, but an impression of opulence or luxury does not want to arise here, but a mood of security and familiarity.

Dachshund replaces cactus

If a cactus icon adorned the trend media in 2017, the dachshund takes over this role in 2018. After all, the short-legged dog fits the forest like no other, says Sybille Abel, co-developer of the Caparol trends in the color design studio. And: the dachshund is as popular as it has been for a long time and is even considered a "hipster dog" in the trend-setting capital. The Dachshund connects all available media - this includes detailed information with room variants on the "Inspiration" pages of the Caparol website. And as in 2017, there will be another smart manual that summarizes all aspects of the trend color worlds in a practical way, provides tips about rooms and dachshunds, and offers plenty of space for your own notes. This book was so popular that a new version of Caparol UNIKAT # 2 will go into production in 2018. Incidentally, Caparol received the coveted Iconic Awards 2017 and German Design Award 2018 for the book and the accompanying marketing media, which the German Design Council awards for outstanding design achievements in the construction sector. For 2018 there is again a trend fan with full-page color shades in real colors. To smile, there is an original dachshund in the color of the year.

Permanent scouting

Incidentally, the eight-member Caparol Color Design Studio trend team is already thinking ahead. Because the color trends don't come to Ober-Ramstadt as Freihaus packages, but first want to be researched, compiled and analyzed. International interior and furniture fairs form the focus of the research, as well as the analysis of print and online media. A proven partner in this phase is the International Trend Scouting Institute at Hildesheim University. Speed is the key here: "When all the information has been gathered, we start the first workshops for analyzing and summarizing the trends, and then we spend about six months documenting and developing the information media," explains Sybille Abel. "In January we will then start the next round,that has 2019 in view.”So it’s still exciting.

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