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Würth Elektronik ICS Presents Redline Power Boxes

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Würth Elektronik ICS Presents Redline Power Boxes
Würth Elektronik ICS Presents Redline Power Boxes

Video: Würth Elektronik ICS Presents Redline Power Boxes

Video: Würth Elektronik ICS Presents Redline Power Boxes
Video: REDline Power Boxes from Würth Elektronik ICS 2023, April

The available space in the cabins of construction and agricultural machinery is getting smaller. Parts of the performance management and control modules therefore often have to be installed outside the cabin. This requires additional protection against dust, moisture and other weather influences. Würth Elektronik ICS has now developed a corresponding protective housing in two application-specific variants. The Redline Power Box Medium and the Redline Power Box Hybrid are presented under the name of the Redline Power Boxes product platform, both of which offer considerable advantages over previously known solutions.

The Redline Power Box Medium is a compact solution for sub-distributors and controls. It allows the desired functions to be placed decentrally in the immediate vicinity of the consumer, which not only reduces the size of the central electrical system, but also the complexity of the wiring harness. The integration of controls, such as the ICCS small controls and micro-CAN modules, offers a variety of options. Local functions, such as hydraulic grabs or lifting platforms, can be controlled directly at the installation location via CAN bus, which reduces the number of connection cables required in the vehicle electrical system.

Standardized components are combined with variable design options of the circuit board - so customer-specific solutions can be implemented with little development effort.

In detail:

  • A customized PCB with a size of 85mm x 70mm is available in the sealed housing (protection class IP 65) - suitable for all common ICS fuse and relay sockets.
  • The plug-in interface forms a 31-pin heavy-duty connector with four high-current contacts for connecting cable cross-sections of 6 mm² and 27 contacts with a cable cross-section of up to 2.5 mm².
  • The pin assignment is realized according to the customer's request.

Combines circuit board technology and copper bars

The Redline Power Box Hybrid combines circuit board technology and copper bars for high currents. Main potentials are separated and secured near the battery. The consumer near the battery benefits from the direct switching and fuse. Different copper bars enable individual stop variants.

In detail:

  • Two MEGA and two MIDI fuse slots are available as standard; the feed-in slot can also be used for a further third MEGA fuse.
  • The circuit board is located in the IP54 sealed housing part and can be equipped with all available ICS sockets such as mini, ATO and maxi fuse and all common relay sockets up to the high current relay socket on an area of approx. 90mm x 90mm.
  • A 42-pin connector with 6 high-current contacts with a 2.8mm² to 2.5mm2 cable cross-section and 36 Micro Timer II with 1.6mm contacts with a cable cross-section up to 1mm2 is used as the plug-in interface.

The advantages of the platform concept at a glance

With the platform concept of the Redline Power Boxes, various applications can be implemented and requirements can be met. The housing is standardized - there are no tool costs. The individual layout and the customer-specific assembly of the printed circuit boards enable a maximum of functionality. The housing cover is assembled and disassembled without tools. High IP protection classes guarantee a high level of security. Customer-specific projects, from the circuit diagram to the finished product, can be implemented quickly and easily. With the Redline Power Boxes, Würth Elektronik ICS offers economical, modular and robust solutions for various types of commercial vehicles.

Würth Elektronik at Bauma

Bauma 2016 from April 11th to 17th in Munich offers the opportunity to get to know the new systems. In Hall 5, Stand 306, Würth Elektronik ICS presents an overview of the entire product portfolio, including the Redline Power Boxes. (ud)

Bauma 2016, Hall 5, Stand 306

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